Movie merchandise is vitally important for movie promotions and releases as they hold a great deal of branding power. Famous movie brand, Star Wars, has created some pretty creative promotional items specifically aimed for Star Wars fans and for children.

With a new film coming out this year, it is never too early to create interests and promote excitement!

Movie merchandise Ideas - Branded Activity Sets

Movie merchandise Ideas – Branded Activity Sets

This movie merchandise includes a Star Wars activity pack and a 3D promo notebook and pen set. Branded promotional activity sets are the perfect idea for promoting a wide range of different movie characters and to spread a movie’s brand exposure.  This specific one includes an activity pad set with colouring crayons and stickers the perfect promo gift for children.

The notebook set is 3D, adding to the scientific space theme and features Darth Vader. It also includes a multifunctional coloured pen for practicality.  Gifts like this add value to a brand as people like being associated with owning products from a worldwide known brand.

Why use movie merchandise as part of your brand’s marketing?

  • Increase exposure: Upcoming movie releases and popular films wouldn’t be anything without all the branded goods that comes with it. Be it toys, stationery, books, food items its a popular promotional product choice. If specifically aimed at children your branded notebooks will for sure be used outdoors and in public to keep the children entertained, or even shown off to others via word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Incentive: When offered as an on-pack promotion gift item, or as a free gift with every purchase of any brand promoting the film it adds more brand value and so will entice people to buy. Especially children who are more likely to win over their parents to buy the product.
  • Branding Potential: These movie merchandise notebooks and activity sets can be easily customised. The branding can be designed for all aspects, be it the inside, cover, pens, and even packaging. All to increase your brand’s awareness.

Movie merchandises are fun and can be creative just like promo gift sets. This is a great supplier for these kinds of products, with audits from Disney, GMP, Walmart, FCS, TARGET, Costco, SCAN to name a few!


How can ODM help you?

If interested in creating your own feel free to contact us at the ODM Group to help us assist in inspiring you with cool promotional ideas. For this Star Wars notebook and activity set please mention product code ODM-1222 to a member of our team.


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