Kung Fu Panda has just been released in China and is proving to be very popular throughout the country as well as the western world. Here you can see the company Magnolia giving away a range of Animated movie promotion gifts for customers purchasing their products exclusively at any Seven Eleven stores.

Kung Fu Panda 3 is a 2016 3D American-Chinese computer-animated action comedy martial arts film, produced by DreamWorks Animation and Oriental DreamWorks. It is also said to be a major step forward in the unification of western films and Asian films, both rarely being together due to the difference in translation and audience.

Animated Movie Promotion - Kong Fu Panda Gift Set

Animated Movie Promotion – Kung Fu Panda Gift Set

What we like about this Animated Movie Promotion:

  • Range of products; Bags, Stickers, USB and table tennis set. This covers a wide range of customer tastes while at the same time having one thing in common, the liking of the film itself. With such a range, this provides many opportunities for customers to want these products and as some of them are of a good quality they may even be usable as gifts.
  • All products are Kung Fu Panda merchandise. Whether the customer likes the film itself, knows someone who does or is just a regular shopper of Magnolia products, these marketing gifts are sure to persuade anyone to purchase their products.
  • As it is said to be a big film, with an all star cast for both the western and the eastern countries, it has a potentially huge fan base that will all be interested in this 7 Eleven exclusive – targeting all nationalities and cultures.

Product breakdown of this POS display:

  • USB – The USB can be made up of almost any material, be it plastic or metal, giving companies great flexibility in how they want it to look. With a plastic one, as shown in this promotion, you can see that any shape is possible to make it unique to a companies brand. With this merchandise they have shaped their USB into the form of the movies beloved character Po.
  • Bag – Like the USB, bags are very flexible in their promotional design, depending on the price willing to be payed they can have a wide range of shapes, sizes and prints to suit a companies brand.  While usually being made out of fabric this means they can be customised very easily.
  • Table Tennis set – A fantastic promotion idea that allows branding and printing to be placed on the balls and the rackets themselves. Especially with a cartoon character like this one it can be printed on the racket making it fun and an effective method of brand exposure.
  • StickersStickers are a very simple promotional product that offers a low cost solution to companies. Being mostly effective with kids, as they are more likely to use them and stick them everywhere, stickers create the perfect opportunity for promoting a companies brand wherever it is placed; especially in public.
Animated Movie Promotion - Kong Fu Panda Gift Set

Animated Movie Promotion – Kung Fu Panda Gift Set

Here at ODM we are big fans of the new Kung Fu Panda film and love this merchandise range from Magnolia. If you are interested in promoting your products through a film then contact us today for anything from designing to the production process itself.

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