An in-pack promotion featuring a free drinking glass or glasses is an easy yet effective way to promote your brand image and become more competitive over other brands. And with an already saturated beer industry,  Italian beer brand Peroni is offering a free Peroni branded glass in their in-pack promotion in a Singapore supermarket to stand out.

Peroni In-pack Promotion Offers Free Promo Glass

Peroni In-pack Promotion Offers Free Promo Glass

This in-pack promotion looks great on the shelf, it stands out from other alcohol brands, and it also comes with a stylish looking packaging made to represent a present. This present imagery is useful for persuading the customer to buy your product because it looks like they are receiving something nice. The promo glass itself is branded with Peroni’s logo, complimentary with the Peroni beer bought.

In-pack promotions with a free promo glass, how can they increase your brand awareness?

  • Design. In-pack promotions with a free glass compliment your brand. Glasses can be customised with your logo and your own branded design. What’s more, glasses have a rather large branding area and when designed effectively, your glass will stand out more than other brands. The nicer the design, the more customers will want to buy and use it.
  • Practical. The shape of the glass is designed to compliment the type of beer you are drinking to enhance the taste. This again makes glasses good promotional merchandise because all customers will want to drink the best-tasting beer. And in the future, it can be re-used again and again not just for Peroni beer but can be used for other beers also. If they are re-used at parties, or for having friends or family around, your brand will also have higher exposure.
  • Attractive. Consumers will be attracted to this in-pack promotion because the promotional gift complements the beer. It is the perfect gift for consumers because they are definitely going to use it. Practical and useful gifts never fail to attract customers and entice them to buy your products. Such promotional products will let you gain a competitive edge against your competitors. Therefore, allowing you to successfully boost sales and maximise profit. Furthermore, your brand awareness and brand visibility will skyrocket.


How can ODM help?

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