Although not Belgian, Sam Adams portray the key requirements considered in making their perfect glass

Belgian Beer is world renowned and their use of  promotional products reflect this. Using custom glasses to elevate the craft-beer drinking experience, most beers have their own glass so customers can savour the unique flavour of each.

There are over  one thousand different kinds of Belgian brews and each beer has its own own distinct taste – much the same as each type of wine should be drunk from a distinct glass.

This blog catalogues some of the custom glasses used by Belgian beer brands on their on-pack promotions.

Different glass shapes can greatly affect aromatic presentation, head formation/retention, even how well carbonation will be sustained. The picture above shows some of the key factors in play for custom glass design & manufacture.

A Custom Beer Glass would affect these aspects..

Belgian Beer brands go mad for on-pack promo mechanisms, including their signature glasses, adding value to purchases & enhancing the drinking experience. Let’s have a look at some Belgian brands and the custom made signature glasses they use to make a difference.

Chimay (Belgian Dubbel)

Chimay’s signature goblet is featured in this on pack gift:

The Goblet: This style of glass has a narrow bottom and wider top to reduce the foaming effect of the beer and it allows the drinker to inhale the flavour at the same time as drinking. The Chimay glass is a wonderful example..

Duvel  (Belgian Strong Golden Ale)

The Tulip: This style of glass is named so because it’s wide at the bottom, narrow in the middle and then widens at the top again. This type of glass encourages a foaming effect, which produces a large head on the beer. A tulip glass not only helps trap the aroma, but also aids in maintaining large heads, creating a visual and olfactory sensation. Highly carbonated beers like Hefeweizen and many Belgian-style ales require glasses that can hold the full volume of the bottle plus the head that will  form upon pouring; the tulip is able to contain the foaming.

Stella Artois (Blonde Pilsner)

The Chalice: The Chalice Glass is the symbol of the Stella Artois brand and has both functional and emotional relevance for consumer. It is unique in the lager category, supporting the discerning taste of the consumers who choose it.

  • The shape of the chalice glass is positive for CO2 which enhances head retention and flavor.
  • The angles at the bottom of the chalice glass cause a wave when the liquid is poured that positively effect the relation between the liquid and the gases.
  • The stem provides a place to hold the glass so that beer stays cold longer.

Hoegaarden (White Beer)

Hexagonal Glass: Hoegaarden sets itself apart from its competitors with this distinctive shape of glass. The extra thick cut of the glass maintains the temperature of the beer, acting as an insulator against the warmth of drinkers’ hands by creating less surface area contact and therefore less heat exchange. A truly unique glass for a unique beer..

Lindemans Kriek (Fruit Lambic)

The Pilsner: The pilsner glass is best used for light beers – pale lager, pilsner and lambic fruit beer. Tall, slender and tapered; this style of glass usually simulates bubbles to help create and maintain a large foaming head. It also reveals beer at its best, showcasing its colour and combination.

Leute Bokbier

The Tumbler: Nothing really special about the tumbler, but what stands out from this design is its sleekness in shape. If you have noticed by now, the glass goes hand in hand with the wooden stand; the glass can’t stand upright without the stand with its round bottom. This unusual style is what allows it to differentiate itself and often makes a great conversational piece at bars or parties.

Deus (Champagne Beer)

The Flute:  It has a narrow shape that helps to maintain carbonation, while providing a strong aromatic front. Flute glasses exhibit the lively carbonation, sparkling color and soft lacing of the beer, allowing it to look enticing.

Doubtful of mixing beer with champagne? Well here we finally have it, thanks to the revolutionary taste sensation created by Deus (brewed in Belgium). And what better way to serve it than the flute used for all champagnes?

Delirium Tremens (Strong Belgian Ale)

The Snifter: Typically used for serving brandy and cognac, snifters are ideal for confining the volatiles of aromatic beers, such as Belgian ales, India pale ales, barley wines and wheat wines. The shape helps trap the volatiles, while allowing swirling to agitate them and produce an intense aroma.

Fun Fact: You hardly ever see the Delirium snifter glasses out at bars any more. And for good reason: this glass is consistently the #1 most stolen beer glass in America (and probably Belgium and the UK). Something about those pink elephants must have caused people to crack.

Pauwel Kwak 

This is the one we love most – comes with two bottles of Kwak beer is their signature coachmen glass and a wooden stand. The coachmen glass is a symbol of the brand’s heritage and drinking from the glass itself is a whole new experience. We wouldn’t know what category does this glass fit into – they are just one of a kind…

Please see our previous post for a better idea on the gift pack: Kwak Beer On Pack Promo – Coachmen Glass

Mea Culpa (House Brew – Amber)

The kind folks at Beermania finally achieved their dream glass, a glass worthy enough to match their house brew – having drawn, researched and tweaked the shape to best fit its beer. The final result, however, is a superb glass of Bohemian crystal which is both rugged and beautiful. They are proud of their design and the audiences’ response in return was huge. Many who bought this gift box was enthralled by the packaging, the excellence of the beer and most importantly, the uniqueness of the glass. Truly a premium gift of high quality for a special occasion..

This prestigious presentation box contains:

  • One hand-made Bohemian crystal glass 500ml
  • One 33cl bottle of Mea Culpa blonde beer
  • A 150g sachet of mixed, milk and dark chocolate squares, handmade in Brussels, Belgium

The Mea Culpa brand is the perfect example of success with its massive efforts placed in its exclusive custom-made glass. It goes on to show the immense potential a custom-made signature glass can do to your beer, compared to a generic one.

Custom made beer glasses not only capture the essence of your beer, they also showcase your brand’s depth and specialization in this field. By serving your beer in a signature, custom-made glass, your brand brings its small piece of history to the present (and even to the future). As the saying goes, “Let No Man Thirst For Lack of Real Ale,”. In the case of Belgium, “Let No Man Be Deprived For Lack of a True Glass!“.