Every day here at ODM we are searching for new promotional products. As every business is specific and needs a unique product for their promotional needs. It is important to be to stay ahead of competitors while keeping a strong brand awareness. Sports marketing is no different. Tokyu Hands is a Japanese department store. They have created an interesting marketing campaign by decorating promotional glasses with plastic figures.


Decorating Promotional Glasses – Japan Case Study

Unique Branding.

The figures have a good surface area to print your logo on therefore, provide a platform for sport branding unlike other products. They are  fully customizable products, due to this you can achieve a better brand exposure and convey any information to your clients.

What can be interesting about an ordinary glass you might ask? Not much is the answer, however by using these figurines you can totally change a boring glass into something more appealing. Unique marketing products are very useful for gaining new customers in a flooded industry.


Decorating Promotional Glasses – Japan Case Study

Sponsorship marketing.

Great promotional idea for you if you are going to sponsor and contribute to sport activities. As a sponsorship gifts for sport competitions and as promotional gifts these decorative figures are ideal and can be tailored to any sport or event.

The figures make the glass noticeable. Most importantly, they can be used on almost any cup or glass and make their ability to expose your brand high.


Decorating Promotional Glasses – Japan Case Study

Being highly customizable and available in a variety of shapes and colours, the possibilities to promote your brand are endless.  Your ideas set the limits, however our team here at ODM can help you with creative ideas for your brand. Together we can find a way to grow your sales and brand.



Repeated sales.

Due to the collectible nature of the figures, customers will want purchase multiple items to build their collection. As a result, they make a great gift. Once someone has received one as a gift they will want to buy more to expand their collection too.

In the image you can see that the figures come with a small booklet, displaying other similar figures in the collection. The images in the booklet give the figures a story and give them more character. Rather than them just being random. This creates the urge for customers to purchase more of them to try and build a collection. As a result, this product has the ability to increase your sales.

Decorating Promotional Glasses - Japan Case Study 6

Decorating Promotional Glasses – Japan Case Study 6

Used as a marketing tool for many different sports and sporting events the figures would be perfect. In the image you can see that they have been used as a marketing tool for baseball. Other sports such as Football, tennis and American football could all be marketed well by this product. Sports marketing is very competitive and this product could make you stand out from the crowd.

Decorating Promotional Glasses - Japan Case Study 7

Decorating Promotional Glasses – Japan Case Study 7

Check out how it works in these videos !

Here at ODM we specialized on sourcing, designing and manufacturing. If you are looking for more ideas please feel free to contact us today. Our sales team will be happy to assist you for your next promo campaign.

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Why should companies invest in promotional goods?

Promotional goods is a good medium for a company to establish themselves as a corporate company. It is a marketing tool that helps develop a brand's image and exposure.

What makes a good promotional good?

Good promotional goods are usually : cost effective, high utility & quality, sustainable and easy to understand. Ultimately, it requires an understanding of what your target market will be interested in.