If you are into the wine business, you must have these promotional wine accessories in a kit! This barrel-shaped wine tool kit is obviously one of the coolest custom promotional products every wine business must consider.

As the competition gets tougher every day, you as business owners have to improve your way of marketing your product. You must keep on discovering new ideas and products to use in order to increase your brand equity. These promotional wine accessories in a barrel-shaped holder is definitely a new promotional product that can help brands entice and invite more and more customers.


Wine Merchandise Features

promotional wine accessories

Promotional Wine Accessories in a Kit

These promotional wine accessories come with a mini wooden barrel that holds the barware perfectly. Isn’t it an eye-catching and meaningful way to display your precious wine accessories? So what makes this promotional wine gift stand out?


Made of Wood

The barrel-shaped holder is made from wood. As we all know, products made from this material exhibit a very classic appeal. It also represents flexibility, gentleness, and resiliency. The kit exudes elegance, thus adding a touch of class to the accessories being showcased. In addition, wood is a very durable material, so products made from wood are guaranteed sturdy and reusable.


Barrel- Shaped Design

People would definitely be enchanted by its uniqueness. The design of these promotional wine accessories set can absolutely attract customers. The item is shaped like a classic wine barrel, and it reflects the traditional way of making wine. Therefore, it really resonates with wine lovers and clients who are into collecting unique wine gifts.


Includes 4 Wine Accessories

This barrel-shaped wine toolset consists of 4 wine accessories. It includes a corkscrew, a custom bottle stopper, a wine pour, and a bottle top cutter. The slots in the barrel are custom-sized to ensure that the items fit perfectly.



The item is highly-customizable, therefore it allows business owners like you to engrave your brand’s logo in each set. Modifying it will make you own the product and create authenticity.

What are your customization options? There are many ways to get your brand name onto the mini barrel. Silkscreen printing is the most common printing method. However, if you want a more sleek and long-lasting design, etching your brand name is recommended. It also lends a classy and professional feel.


What Makes Them Ideal for Wine Promotion?

promotional wine accessories

Promotional Wine Accessories for Wine Promotion

Increase Brand Awareness

Who would ever ignore the unique style of this product? This set of promotional wine accessories will definitely drag customers to your shop. You can make this one of your personalized promotional gifts, a gift with purchase merchandise, and even as corporate and premium client gifts. Giving gifts to clients helps earn their trust and build the feeling of reciprocity among them.

Heighten Brand Promotion

Customers would probably love this promotional product set. They are not just after the appearance, but the functionality of the item really matters to them. What is the purpose of having a beautiful appearance if the product does not serve its purpose after all? Thus, the utility of this product set would absolutely be appreciated by the customers. Since the product is very customizable, you can personalize it with your own brand’s identity.

Create Brand Value

The design of these promotional wine accessories in a kit shows elegance and novelty. These characteristics would surely add value to your brand. Admit it or not, customers are used to comparing a product to another product. The higher the quality, the higher the chance customers to avail the item.

Contribute to Brands Green Marketing Strategy

This set of promotional wine accessories is definitely suitable for brands that are active in implementing green initiatives. It would definitely create appeal to eco-conscious customers, hence makes it a perfect green corporate gift. The product is indeed safe for the environment.

When the competition gets tighter, you have to be creative and wise in choosing the right product to improve your brand’s presence. Obviously, the competition will get even more hectic in the coming years. In order to make your brand stand out, you better start to think outside the barrel.


How can The ODM Group help?

If you are in the wine business and you want to adopt this promotional idea, we at ODM would be glad to help you. We have been in the promotional product industry for over a decade now. From the product design, customization, and shipping, you can turn to our company for excellent services. If you think this product must be included in your promotional merchandise, you may send us an email using the product code: ODM- 3546.

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