Custom wine accessories will always be in demand. Fine European Wines are making the most of this by offering beautifully branded wine accessories to increase the appeal of their products and their promotional wine gifts.

Custom Wine Accessories

Custom Wine Accessories

in the first advert, Customers will get  free corkscrew as a free promotional item with purchase of 12 Gold medal French wines. In addition, they will also receive 3 Free additional bottles. For the second advert, they are offering a stylish wine bag and 3 free Gold Medal super Tuscans with purchase of 12 European Reds.

The adverts also highlight how they can save from these promotions. Doing this could make the advert appeal to new customers, who do not know much about wine. Highlighting the savings in the title, alongside the fact there are free gifts with purchase, provides more of a reason for customers to order the product.

Offering free wine accessories can be a great way to incentivize customers. As the cork stopper can be very difficult to unplug, customers will appreciate the thought extended in giving away a free corkscrew.

Likewise a custom branded bag for wine would certainly make customers feel they are being rewarded for their purchase. Who would not want a stylish bag that they can use to carry bottles of wine?

Offering these gifts can greatly help the sales of their wine. This is because customers will perceive this promotion as being worth their money. These custom wine accessories are not only meant to enhance their customers’ drinking experience, but they also serve as excellent souvenirs from their company.

Custom Wine Accessories

Custom Wine Accessories


Custom Wine Accessories : Why this Wine Promotion Works?

  • Appearance – Both promotions display a range of eye catching features. A variety of fonts, colours, pictures and statement words ensure that the Fine European Wines promotion will catch the attention of customers. The repeated use of the word ‘Free’, in particular draws attention to the promotional gift of custom wine accessories.  Fine European Wine make it clear that the focus of the advert is to draw attention to the promotion.
  • Regular Consumers – Regular consumers, who are perhaps knowledgeable about wine and their accessories, are targeted by the language of the advert by naming specific bottles of wine, which they may have previously purchased from the company. The addition of free branded gifts creates better customer satisfaction and loyalty to the brand. It could even lead to regular customers ordering more than normal. As the promotion makes them feel like they are getting more value for money.
  • Wider Audience – Free gifts are the perfect way to attract new customers to a brand. Therefore, offering branded wine accessories for free is almost guaranteed to encourage a new wider audience and new customers to the brand. People generally feel more inclined to purchase products with the incentive of a promotion. It provides a motivation to try something different.

Overall, Fine European Wines strives to increase the orders of bottles of wine to household customers through their promotional incentive adverts. By having adverts targeted to different types of customers, Fine European Wine is cleverly increasing their brand appeal to a wider audience.



The adverts both appear to be very busy at first glance. There is a a lot of text that is highlighted. This could potentially put customers off as they feel like to much information is being forced at them, which may be overwhelming to customers. Resolving this could be simple by the company restricting the amount of highlighted information in the advert to content that they want to appeal to the customers.


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