To celebrate the Rugby World Cup Brancott Estate Wines in New Zealand have introduced an interesting promotion.   Purchase a bottle of their wine and you could win a branded wine cooler for when you are entertaining at home.

Promotional Wine Coolers Campaign

This promotion boasts that one wine cooler can be won in each store that sells Brancott estate wine. The promotional wine cooler shows us a perfect high-end promotional gift. The cooler itself can hold up to 8 bottles of wine and is worth multiple times the amount of a bottle of wine and therefore entices consumers to choose Brancott over other brands.

Using the Rugby World Cup is a clever way of associating your brand with an event that is significant to their target audience, creating brand identity with the rugby world cup. Note: If you are not an official sponsor of a sporting event, be careful not to use trademark names in campaigns as you could be infringing trademark laws.

Utilising sports events to promote your brand is not a new idea.   It is a central focus in many promoters annual planning for campaigns.  Events such as Formula 1, the Football World Cup, Champions League, or the Superbowl give perfect opportunity for brands to tempt new consumers to use their products.

Why not see how affordable a branded wine cooler can be as a high-end promotional product?

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