promotional products for Aquarius

Spend at least HK$ 15 on Aquarius Sports Drinks at Circle K convenience stores and you can enter a lucky draw to win prizes including

  • Dahon Eco 3 Bike
  • HKD200 Gigasports voucher
  • 315ml can of Aquarius Sports Drink
  • HKD1 discount voucher for Sports Drinks.

If you are lucky, you may get to win one of the 6 Dahon Eco 3 Bikes the promotion is offering!

Promotional gift by Aquarius

These lightweight bikes are portable as they can be folded in 15 seconds, good for catching the public transport!

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Particularly notable is the placement of advertisements in convenience stores.  This provides the drinks brand with several major benefits.

  • Changes consumer intention to purchase promotional drink instead of others with no ongoing Promotion.
  • Customers are able to relate these promotions with the drinks right behind it same as with Shelf talkers.  This one right next to handle of the fridge
  • Simple to Install and Extremely Cheap Advertising.

It is important to work hard on placement of advertisements and promotional items. Stickers can be a key POS mechanism to attract customers to make an impulse purchase.

Promotional fridge stickers

On checkout, the cashier will present you with a peel card.  Peel off the label to reveal your prize!

promotional items supplier

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