Volvic Mineral Water is holding a lucky draw promotion in Hong Kong’s 7-11 convenience stores.  The promotion is advertised online and also with plastic stickers on the fridges.

Mechanic: Purchase any Volvic Mineral Water & stand a chance to win one of

To take part in this promotion, simply send a text message of the date and time of the purchase to a HK mobile number, 9438 0247.

Volvic Promotional Products

The purpose of this promotion was to increase awareness of Volvic’s benefits during exercise and daily use. Look at how the promotional products relate to its product! Both promoting a healthy lifestyle!

The advertisement above gives customers the confidence to drink Volvic, as it says, Volvic makes them feel good. Marketing managers must take consider the choice of words in advertising media. The word ‘feel’ can be very effective to attract attention and establish relationships with customers.

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