OT Indonesia, a food and beverage company, recently held a promotion for its Oops Cheese Wafer. Stand a chance to win a folding bike in just 3 simple steps…

  1. Purchase an Oops Cheese Wafter Prize Pack
  2. Open and look directly behind the product to see if you are a winner
  3. Follow the instructions on the back of the packaging to receive the gift

Oops Cheese Wafer Promo: folding bike gift

As we highlighted in a recent post, we think that these foldable bikes are great for outdoor activities. They are lightweight and can be folded easily, convenient if you are heading to the park by public transport.

By giving out this promotional product, they are promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging consumers to purchase their hi-fiber wafers. This would see an increase in sales as consumers want to win this promotional gift!

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