If you’re looking for excellent wine promotions ideas, then check out branded wine accessories for Prosecco. Impressive wine freebies are up for grabs. The products are on display in Debenhams in the UK.

branded wine accessories

Branded Wine Accessories

Customers will get a chance to grab a promotional wine cooler, bell, metal wine bottle holder, and champagne flutes when they buy their wine products. These promotional items are not only designed to enhance customers drinking experience, but we’re also confident that it can help jump start your wine promotions!

Here are Prosecco’s Featured Branded Wine Accessories and how they can help drive more sales.

Branded Wine Accessories to Boost Your Sales

  • Wine Cooler: Keep beverage cool with a  branded wine cooler. The ceramic material looks elegant and has ample space for branding. Design looks clear and easily recognizable. Sturdy and classy, it’s a useful addition to bars, restaurants, and home bars. It will attract curious onlookers, especially wine lovers, and get them talking about your brand.
branded wine accessories

branded wine accessories

  • Champagne Flutes: Designed to improve your customer’s drinking experience, these champagne flutes make great wine promotional product. Customers will love this add-on because they will get two high-quality products (wine and glass) for a very affordable price. Moreover, being limited edition freebie elevates it to a “collector’s item” status.
  • Bell: The gold finish looks high-end and expensive, perfect for formal occasions and dinner parties. It’s great for venue promotions as it adds a “luxurious” vibe. Brand name or logo looks great on the shiny surface. Moreover, it’s beautiful packaging design makes the bell even more appealing. If you’re going to use this product, we suggest engraving the logo to ensure that the design will last.
branded wine accessories

branded wine accessories

  • Cocktail Shaker: Attract customers with this glittery cocktail shaker! The sparkly gold shaker looks very glamorous and is perfect for bar promotions. As the bartender concocts drinks, visitors will see your brand etched on the metal surface. This helps spread the word about your brand in a fun manner.
  • Metal Wine Bottle Holder: Beautifully-crafted metal wine bottle holder will keep wine bottles securely in its place. It can also be used as a bar decor. The metal frames keep product sticker visible to buyers, thus, reinforcing brand recognition. Because it is something customers can use at home or their business, it stimulates brand exposure.

Other Marketing Items:

  • Box of Truffles: You’ll notice that there’s a box of truffles at the center. Beautifully-designed box is captivating and is ideal for Christmas promotions. The words “Add a Little Sparkle to Christmas” suits their product well. it’s witty and very timely.
  • Nice Custom Packaging: The rose-gold combination makes their product packaging appear sparkly. Its aesthetic appeal spells elegance and fun. Therefore, it’s important to pay close attention to your packaging design because it’s one of the first things customers will notice.

Got wine products to sell? These branded wine accessories may be what you need to amplify your marketing activity. We, at ODM, believe that it’s important to have a custom-made promotional product because it helps improve brand following and ultimately raise sales.

Our team can make your visions come alive! Based in China, we will help design and source low-cost yet beautiful promotional gifts. Contact us today!

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