July 21 is Junk Food Day! Today’s the day to treat yourself with all the delicious but unhealthy foods. Also, how about some promotional ideas to roll out in your next FMCG marketing, such as promotional drinking cups?

Junk Food Day - Promotional Drinking Cups with Tray

Junk Food Day

These new promotional drinking cups with snack trays are the ultimate marketing merchandise! What caught our attention at a trade show this season is the unique design of drinking cup combined together with snack trays, which makes it a 2-in-1 item. The ingenious design prevents food and drinks from spilling- ideal for food cart businesses, sports promotions, movie marketing and more!

Promotional Drinking Cups With Snack Trays

Promotional Drinking Cups With Snack Trays

Tumblers, mugs, and drinking cups are among the most popular merchandise as they are highly customizable, very easy to produce, and super handy.

Branding Opportunity and Outstanding Utility  

Businesses can print their brand on these cups with trays to boost their marketing activity. These cups are perfect for sports and drinks promotions. Marketers can use sports-related designs to reinforce the campaign. They’re also ideal for marketing movies. For instance, printing movie characters on the surface to promote a new film. You can also use it for restaurant promotions and venue marketing. The uniqueness of the product can spark curiosity, thereby making customers eager to learn more about your business.

What makes the below design really awesome is a double compartment for 2 separate drinks. So you can put both coke and juice in 1 cup instead of caring 2 glasses!

Promotional Drinking Cups With Snack Trays

Promotional Drinking Cups With Snack Trays

Disposable Vs. Reusable: Promotional Drinking Cups With Trays

  • Reusable Cup-Snack Tray: there are more durable plastic designs as on the photos below, which allow the customers to carry them home and re-use during home parties for a long time. Food tray has a hole in the middle where customers can insert the straw. It’s easy to use and it works well with drinking cups of any size, soda bottle, water bottle, or canned drinks. Moreover, the outer part of the tray has ample space for branding. It’s perfect for stadiums, cinemas, amusement parks, and malls- places where people can easily see your brand.
Promotional Drinking Cups With Snack Trays

Promotional Drinking Cups With Snack Trays

Durable and reusable, customers will be able to use your drinking cup and snacks tray for longer. Send code 2046 to get a quote for this cool merchandise.

Promotional Drinking Cups 2046

Promotional Drinking Cups With Snack Trays

  • Disposable Paper Cups with Straw: The plastic disposable food tray serves as drinks cover, and prevents drinks from spilling. The cup can be made out of paper so it’s easy to produce and printing designs is fairly easy. As such, you can achieve your marketing goals without needing a huge amount of capital. It’s cost-efficient, yet effective! To get quote for this affordable cup with tray, include code ODM-2020 on your inquiry.
Promotional Drinking Cups 2020

Promotional Drinking Cups With Snack Trays


Interestingly enough, you can see that the snacks tray is being used as a portable ice tray. The tray is attached to the beer can with ice cubes on it to keep the beverage cold. Business owners can use this tray as a gift with purchase so that customers can enjoy their ice-cold beer and soda right away. Truly a smart way to boost beer promotions!

promotional drinking cups 2046-1

Promotional Drinking Cups With Snack Trays

The above examples range from low to middle-budget production. The cost depends on the materials and designs. Therefore, it’s essential to identify what your business needs and goals are before venturing in this project. This will help you set realistic capital as well as create merchandise that sells!


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