Check out Carlo Rossi‘s custom umbrella stand now in bars. The unique promotional item not only helps amplify brand visibility, but it also boosts venue marketing.  There are many tried and tested ways to promote wine products. But if you really want to stand out, it pays to be creative in your marketing approach.

custom umbrella stand

custom umbrella stand

Benefits of Using Custom Umbrella Stand

  • Makes Strong Impact: The barrel features only the logo and brand name.  No fancy decorations to distract customers. It’s simple but impactful. Thus, it helps improve brand visibility and brand recall.
  • High Utility: The functionality of this custom umbrella stand adds value to your brand. It’s the perfect solution to organizing dripping wet umbrellas- great for rainy seasons. This also eliminates clutter by keeping umbrellas in one convenient spot. Top part of barrel is designed to keep umbrellas upright. People love useful items as they help make their lives more comfortable.
  • Brand Recall: This barrel-turned-umbrella stand give off a retro feel as wines are traditionally stored in barrels. Those who love vintage products will then associate your brand with cool freebies worth collecting.

If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, how can a custom umbrella stand promote your venue?  You can see how in real life there are lots of logo products in the bar.  The Jameson Bar Top Cover is next door, but this item lacks the structure of of the Barrel POS display that is the Carlo Rossi featured product.  Check out the Jameson POS display at Shanghai Airport for an example of a highly structured POS display by them..

custom umbrella stand

custom umbrella stand

Custom Umbrella Stand and Venue Marketing

  • Positioning: Placing this unique umbrella stand where people can see it is the key to making a good first impression. Subtle, yet impactful. Placing it near the entrance or the window can lure customers to visit your place.
  • Unique Design: The branded barrel lends a vintage feel to the venue, so it’s perfect for restaurants and bars with retro theme. Combining unique design and strategic positioning will help condition your clients to buy your product once they enter the bar.
  • Perceived Value: Carlo Rossi is one of the leading wine brands today. Using their custom umbrella stand as a decorative item in your bar can add “cool factor” to your venue.
  • Increased Sales: This high-quality product can help increase sales by using it as a purchase with purchase promotional item. For example, customers will get your high-end umbrella stand when they buy several bottles of wine, thus, encouraging clients to buy more. This way, both the venue and the wine brand will benefit from the campaign.

Custom Umbrella Stand – additional tips

A little creativity and innovation can make your marketing campaign a success. Even the most ordinary product can be transformed into a beautiful promotional item that drives sales!   We suggest that companies using this promotion should also include some umbrellas in the shipment.   Not only is there a custom stand at the entrance, but you can also arrange a PWP campaign for umbrellas.   Learn how to get paid to marketing your brand!  Check out this Promotional Product Special Offer.

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