With thousands of different wine promo and wine varieties to choose from in an already saturated industry, it can be hard for wine brands to stand out to their potential customers that past their brand everyday.

In this promotion, Carlo Rossi, Californian wine expert makers since 1975 are doing a free gift with purchase promotion in this Japanese supermarket. And are giving away a free Carlo Rossi stirrer with each bottle purchased.

Wine Promo - Carlo Rossi Free Drinks Stirrer

Wine Promo – Carlo Rossi Free Drinks Stirrer

A regular customer who is perhaps not as familiar with wine as an expert, will at times find it different to know which wine is best to choose from on the shelf. A wine promo that has an on pack freebie gift or has a price promotion is more attractive to purchase over others, or to at least to try. And these wine promo stirrers are the perfect free gift to complement your wine, especially when enjoyed with ice!

Wine promo gifts and how can they increase your product sales?

  • Brand value. Customers love receiving free gifts no matter how small, and they will always make the customer exhibit a more positive experience when buying your product, which is more likely for them to return.
  • Branding potential. Small wine promo gifts such as this stirrer, are useful when making and mixing drinks. Stirrers especially can be custom packaged, shaped, coloured and can be made to feature cool designs that show off your brand.
  • Incentive product. With a free wine promo gift attached that matches your wine brand, it acts as a great incentive to make customers try out your brand. This type of wine promo could be the marketing tool that will successfully push the client to try and buy your product. In general it’s a great way to get a stronger foothold in the market.

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