Looking for interesting and new promotional gifts for your wine brand? ODM has this interesting promotional product idea that will surely interest your customers, which is a custom wine glass cleaning brush. This makes cleaning stains in wine glasses or other glassware easier. It is something unique yet practical, plus, your customers should definitely have one in their kitchen.

Custom Wine Glass Cleaning Brush

Custom Wine Glass Cleaning Brush

About the Custom Wine Glass Cleaning Brush

The cleaning brush is well-designed for quick cleaning of glassware, cups, and mugs, for sizes up to 5.5 inches tall. It has a curved design and durable bristles which makes cleaning more effective. Also, on the bottom of the brush, there is a suction cup for it to stick to the sink and an easy release tab.

Custom Wine Glass Cleaning Brush

Custom Wine Glass Cleaning Brush

Size – The measurements are 8cm by 16cm.

Material – The suction cup is made of thermoplastic rubber, the rod made of polypropylene, and bristles made of nylon.

Colours – The brushes can come in either Green or Grey.

Customisation – Logo customisation is available to make them specialised for your brand. Furthermore, it can come in its own custom branded packaging box.


Why have a Custom Wine Glass Cleaning Brush as your next promotional item?

Custom Wine Glass Cleaning Brush

Custom Wine Glass Cleaning Brush

Great for any promotion

They can come as on-pack promos, gift with purchase, household redemption gifts, contest rewards gift or premium giveaway item. Either way, this functional product will pique the interest of your customers.

Also, drink brands can offer this product to hotels, restaurants, or bars, which they will also find useful.


Boost Sales

Having them as on-pack gifts for drink brands is a good promotional strategy to entice customers. Some customers will be interested in this product as it is something that they will find useful to have at home. They will feel that they gain more value for their money when they buy your product as there is a free gift incentive. Hence,  this can boost overall sales for your brand!


Make your Brand Stand Out

This custom cleaning brush is something other drinks brands will not think of offering as a promotional gift. Thus, this can help set your brand apart from your competitors and stand out in a highly saturated drinks industry.


Customer Loyalty

If you are an FMCG brand, this product is also a great redemption gift idea for loyalty programs. With loyalty programs, your customer will be attracted to buy more of your product in order to get the free gift. Furthermore, your customers will be grateful to have such a practical gift. Surely a great promotional tool to boost sales.


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Brand Awareness

Lastly, offering this custom wine glass cleaning brush as a promotional item is something not thought about by brands. So, this will capture the attention of customers who may want to buy your drink just to try the product out. Furthermore, these brushes can be branded with your logo.

Custom Wine Glass Cleaning Brush

Custom Wine Glass Cleaning Brush

In Conclusion…

This custom wine glass cleaning brush is indeed an interesting product to roll out in your next promotion! We can assure you that this product will attract customers to your brand. If you are interested in this product, feel free to contact us. The product code for this is ODM-3032.


How ODM can help

Looking for new drink promotional ideas for your brand? You have come to the right place. The ODM Group has years of experience in the promotional product industry and has successfully helped many international drinks brands with their marketing campaigns. We know what is hot and trending in the market and what kind of product will win over your clients and make your brand rise above the competition.

We also have a design agency, called Mindsparkz, that can also come up with new and unique promotional product ideas for you that will work in your promotion.

Leave all the responsibility to us and we will assure you that we will deliver the best. Contact us today with any of your promotional product needs!


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