If your company is looking for ways to expand its reach, increasing exposure through interesting promotional products and exploring unique packaging design is imperative. One great example: these contest rewards by Guinness.

Contest Rewards

Contest Rewards by Guinness

The liquor brand gives its customers the chance to win various rugby-related prizes,  including tickets to the prestigious Six Nations Rugby Tournament, signed merchandise, rugby balls and gear, among many others!

One reason why we love contests rewards is that they create a sense of urgency that pushes people to buy. And most importantly, the drinks promotional products they offer are something anyone would be proud to get.

Why are Contest Rewards beneficial for your brand?

  • Appeal: Contest rewards are highly effective because they appeal to customers. When making purchases, customers like add-ons, and lucky draws are a fantastic add-ons. This is because customers like free items, and the chance of winning high quality contest giveaways gets them excited.
  • Prominence: Lucky draws are also great because of its prominence. Your company can hold a large-scale lucky draw live, and this would help to attract people – whether existing customers who have bought items and are participating in the draw, or potential new customers who chance upon the event.
  • Point of Contact: Often, companies advertise their contest promotions on the box or packaging sleeves, making a very good first point of contact. As such, potential customers would be intrigued by the promotion, and thus check out your product and see what it can offer to them. Using bottle collar or bottle necker is also another way of endorsing your contests whilst making your drinks stand out on the shelf. Here’s an example by Brothers Ciders:


Indeed, there are many benefits to using a contest rewards such as boosting your online and in-store presence and increased sales. Furthermore exciting prizes would certainly help your company to spice things up and spread the word about your brand!

Contest Rewards

Contest Rewards by Guinness

Are you looking for high quality custom promotional merchandise to be given away as contest rewards? If so, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with a member of The ODM Group today. Our company specializes in design and manufacturing services, and we would love to help you out!

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