If you have limited marketing budget, you can try looking into multi-purpose products. Multi-purpose products have high perceived value as you can get two functions for the price of one. Customers will be delighted to receive such gifts. A thoughtful gift will be remembered. It is best to offer a promo gift that suits your products or services. You can take a look at Guinness as an example.

Marketing Budget - Guinness Bottle Opener Pen

Marketing Budget – Guinness Bottle Opener Pen

Bottle opener certainly has strong link with Guinness’ product. Being one of the world’s best-loved beer, Guinness wants their customers to be able to enjoy a bottle of Guinness beer anywhere they go. Having an alternative function as a pen, users will tend to carry this product around. It is less likely that someone is carrying bottle opener everywhere they go. It is especially so with heavy bottle opener. Offering this product eliminates the inconvenience of getting a bottle of beer wherever available.

You will feel better when you are drinking with someone else. Drinking can be considered as a form of socializing. This means that this product can become a free advertising tool. Imagine when users take it out to open a bottle in the presence of their friends. This will arouse curiosity and excitement over the product. Friends will be prompted to find out more about the brand. Therefore, it heightens brand awareness.

How to plan a tight marketing budget?

Having a tight marketing budget does not mean that you cannot run any marketing campaign. Promotional gifts are highly customizable. You can choose a low cost material to fit your budget. When you have a tight marketing budget, be sure that you do know your deadlines well. A well planned manufacture schedule will bring down costs. Rush order is always priced higher. Also, expediting a shipment always eats up into the profit. It could cost more than the goods at times.