Lucky draws and contests are just some of the interesting ways to stimulate brand engagement. The idea of receiving high-quality branded marketing gifts from you makes customers more eager to show support. To make your lucky draw promotions a hit, use branded marketing products as contest rewards!

We love this example by AIGLE. The brand offered stylish contest giveaways in their previous lucky draw campaign. Lucky winners would get any of these branded marketing products: branded beanie, waist bag, neck warmer, backpack and fleece blanket.

Branded Marketing Products

Branded Marketing Products

The mechanics? For ever HK$4,800 spend on regular-priced items (in a single receipt), members can receive an instant win lucky draw card.

Why these branded marketing products make great promotional items:

  • Branded Beanie Hats: Since this is a winter promotion, a beanie hat would be useful for the cold weather. The brand name is woven into the hat, making their brand visible to many. In essence, beanies serve as walking advertisements for your business. So, as customers wear their beanies outdoors, they expose the  brand to people they meet on the streets.
  • Waist Bag: Lucky participants will also get a custom waist bag which they can use to keep important items with them. What makes this a good promotional item is that it allows users to keep their things without hampering their movement. This would be perfect to bring at concerts, events, and outdoor activities.
Branded Marketing Products

Branded Marketing Products

  • Neck Warmer: A winter promotion would not be complete without a neck warmer. Customers will appreciate the thought as it will keep them warm all throughout the day. Most importantly, it could spark interest, start meaningful conversations about the brand, and ultimately sales as others learn of their lucky draw promotion.
  • Fleece Blanket: To keep customers warm all throughout their winter trip, AIGLE will be giving away a fleece blanket as a contest reward. This would be perfect for ski trips with friends and family. And with their brand on the blanket, they gain visibility beyond shop floors.
  • Backpack: In this example, Aigle opted for simple solid color with touch of red and white- their signature brand color. What we love about custom promotional backpacks is their design flexibility. Aside from custom printing your logo, you can also use quirky shapes and prints. Additional functionalities such as bluetooth speakers and power banks will make your bags more appealing. Here’s an innovative backpack that suits the consumers of today.


Our Key Takeaways…

The use of branded marketing products as contest rewards can benefit your brand in many ways. Below, we listed some important lessons we learned from AIGLE’s brand campaign:

Conveys Message Effectively: Branded giveaways and contest gifts can help your brand get your message across more effectively. Accessories, apparel, and bags can gain your brand unlimited brand exposure with no additional cost.

Branded Marketing Products

Branded Marketing Products

Brand Positioning: Welcoming the shoppers is an advertising easel display containing the mechanics for the lucky draw. Upon entering the shop, customers will be primed to join the lucky draw by fulfilling the requirements. And this means higher chances of brand conversion and sales!

Visual Merchandising: Aside from their branded contest merchandise, they have also decorated their entrance with a branded rug to reinforce their marketing message.


So, if you are interested in creating your own branded marketing products to augment your brand campaign, do contact The ODM Group today. Our team has a vast experience in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing promotional products, POS displays, and other marketing tools to boost your business.

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