Here’s how Unilever is winning new customers in Vietnam. They are giving away cool contest gifts in order to strengthen their household promotion. The contest giveaways include a cutlery set with container, a pot, and a Lock & Lock rice cooker and Big C gift packages. Aside from these items, Sunsilk is also offering free branded plates as gift with purchase.

Contest Gifts

Contest Gifts

Here’s the transalation of the above poster: “Fully Natural for Vietnamese families” from 22/08 to 04/09/2019 

While the red text says: “Lucky wheel 100% win, one of below gifts when buying 500.000vnd Unilever products.”

Simply put, customers will have to buy at least 500.00 vnd worth of Unilever products to win the contest gifts. In-store contests are essential in driving more sales. So many brands are relying on such promotional schemes to engage more customers.

The contest rewards are consistent with their message “Fully Natural for Vietnamese families.” The rice cooker, cutlery, and cooking utensils are perfect for the family.

But aside from these gifts, there’s also one that truly stood out: Branded Plates!

Contest Gifts

Contest Gifts


Gift With Purchase Plates

When we saw this promotion, we thought it odd for Sunsilk to offer plates as freebies. One, because customers would normally expect beauty tools or bath products to go with the shampoo. However, novelty is also its selling point. Those who are intrigued by this odd pairing will want to check out the product and they will eventually learn of their contest. In addition, Unilever’s poster featuring their prizes creates an immediate call to action.

Contest Gifts

Contest Gifts

This is helpful in directing the attention towards the advert. However, the merchandisers would have made a stronger impact if they augmented their shelf advertising with custom shelf talkers or shelf banners. The advert is too small and it’s not easily noticeable.

To make their promotion easy to spot, Sunlight, another product of Unilever Vietnam, had used a LED shelf talker to draw customer attention into their shelf:


Here’s what we like about this promotion

Contest gifts, especially, high-quality ones are a surefire way to get customer attention. Household promotional products are highly effective because:

  • Practical items will surely be used at home. Thus, the brand gets massive everyday brand exposure.
  • Kitchen products are normally bought at a high price. That is why using them as contest gifts enhances the perceived value of their products.
  • Wholesome products such as these will surely be appreciated by the whole family.
  • The lasting power of these contest rewards will ensure better engagement with the brand.
  • They enable customers to buy more than they need because it gives them more chances of winning.
  • Kitchen products target a wide variety of audience, which means a larger market base for the brands.


Kitchen products can also be used as redemption rewards, and customer giveaways. Below are kitchen promotional product ideas and brands that had previous success in using such merchandise.


Winning Contest Gifts for Household Promotions:

  • CNY Promotion : Here, Orion gave away awesome kitchen items as gift with purchase for their CNY promotion. Customers are required to buy a certain amount to get free coffee or tea set, plate, bowl, and dimsum spoon.


  • Wooden cutlery sets are an eco-friendly kitchen promotional gifts perfect for just about any type of promotion. This one is made out of beechwood but you can also use other wood-based material such as bamboo and oak.


  • Wooden Kitchen Tools – Excellent wooden kitchen tools for your business. Branding the wood would ensure excellent brand exposure.


  • Chopping Boards – Branding these kitchen products offer a fantastic advertising opportunity for brands. Your log or brand name can be engraved or etched.


  • Cutlery Sets – There are many ways to promote your brand with a cutlery set. You can opt for quirky designs to for the younger customers or sleek and simple for a more professional look.


What Have We Learned from Unilever’s Promotion?

Contest Gifts are an important part of marketing. The reward system significantly influences the buying behavior of customers which leads to higher sales and brand conversion. Shoppers are more keen to try new products if they get something in return. The benefits are numerous and it’s a win-win for both the company and shoppers.

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More Gift Ideas for your Next Household Promotion

Peter Rabbit Porcelain Dinnerware are given away by HK Wellcome as part of their redemption program. Customers will have to collect happy stamps to redeem the rewards.


High quality stainless cookware are up for grabs when customers collect a certain number of points or happy stamps. See why this rewards campaign by Masterchef is a hit!


Silicone promotional products are gaining popularity nowadays. This material is heat resistant and truly durable. As such, they are perfect for creating heat-resistant oven gloves.


Silicone baking molds make baking much easier! The flexibility of the material allows people to remove the food from the mold. Moreover, silicone baking molds offer great promotional opportunities. Companies can create molds that are patterned after their logo. They can also use them as gwp items together with other household items.