Who doesn’t like to have a drink or two after a long and hard day at work? A wild and fun night out with friends is not complete without a few accompanying drinks! With such a high demand for alcoholic beverages, countless brands have sprouted up in the drinks industry. Consequently, customers today are spoiled for choice, with so many brands to choose from! Thus, drinks brands have no choice but to stand out from their competitors.

Promotional Bottle Sweater

Many brands are opting to give free gifts with purchase of their drinks to stand out from competitors. This is an extremely smart move to attract customers, especially in a saturated market with many strong competitors. Check out these 3 great examples of drinks free gifts promotions:

This drinks gift pack by San Miguel gives customers a free gift of a beer jug with their beer. This is an extremely smart move by San Miguel, as the beer jug has their branding printed on it. As people use beer jugs when around with others, the branded beer jug captures their attention and promotes the brand as well. Thus, this gift pack has the dual effect of serving as a free gift for customers, while promoting the brand at the same time!

Drinks Free Gifts

Right beside the San Miguel gift pack, there is another gift pack featuring two craft beer brands, Belhaven and 13 Guns. Collaborative marketing is an extremely effective method of advertising, especially for craft beer brands who can pool their resources to undertake in more ambitious marketing campaigns that they would be unable to achieve alone. The drinks free gift included in this gift pack is a chalice, which is a unique novelty glass. This is sure to be popular with beer lovers!

This gift pack also features collaborative marketing, between Schweppes and Gordon’s Gin. The gift pack contains Schweppes’ Indian Tonic Water, and Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin.

Drinks Free Gifts

A Copa Glass is included as an on-pack promotion. Collaborative marketing is extremely effective for drinks brands as they can collaborate with other similar brands, which creates a win-win situation for both brands. The Copa Glass is used to serve the Gin and Tonic cocktail. Hence, it is an extremely useful gift.

Why Drinks Free Gifts Are So Effective:

Increases Utility: A glass is needed to serve drinks. Thus, offering a glass with the purchase of drinks  is an extremely useful free gift. This will make customers appreciate your brand more and pick your brand over others.

Increases Brand Awareness: Printing your brand’s logo on the drinks free gift promotes your brand. An especially remarkable example of this would be the beer jug by San Miguel above. Beer jugs are extensively used in parties with a huge crowd. Hence, your brand gains massive exposure from using this promotional beer jug. Thus, using adopting a drinks free gift has the simultaneous use of serving as a free gift while marketing your brand. A gift pack is also a perfect opportunity to engage in collaborative marketing with other similar brands. With economies of scale, you can market ambitiously to push away your competitors and reign supreme!

Captures Attention: You can include free gifts in a promotional gift box. This gives your brand the perfect opportunity to capture the attention of shoppers. The gift box is a perfect medium for advertising, as using head-turning bright colors and captive catchphrases is sure to make passers-by immediately look at your brand!

How We Can Help You:

Decided to use drinks free gifts for your brand? A smart move indeed! You are in luck, as we can help you with your marketing needs. We here at ODM have years of experience in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing custom promotional products. Our team of dedicated and talented in-house product designers can design the perfect drinks free gift for your brand. We also offer product brainstorming sessions for you to pick the promotional product right for your brand. Don’t hesitate to drop us an inquiry!


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