Packaging is a strong element of marketing and a drink gift pack could be the top item to get you more customers. Schweppes and Gordon’s are both drinking companies. They co-branded to produce an amazing Drink gift pack because they know how important is Drinks packaging design is. The customer gets in the same package a bottle of Schweppes, one of Gordon’s and an elegant glass. Indeed, using on-pack gift sets can help boost sales and attract client’s attention!

Amazing Drink Gift Pack to Seduce Customers From Schweppse

Amazing Drink Gift Pack to Seduce Customers From Schweppes

Why we love this Amazing Drink Gift Pack

Promotion strategy is all about convincing the clients to buy your product. A big part of the job happens in retail. Indeed, more than half of the purchase decision happen in store and are not premeditated. Consequently, custom in-store display, branded gift with purchase, or promotional product packaging are very important to reach your target sales.

A drink gift pack is of great help to improve a marketing strategy!

Practical: With this, Schweppes is just taking advantage of the fact that the product has the ability to pair very well with other drinks. In this set, you get items that are complementary with each other. Also, it would be the perfect drink gift pack for a dinner with friends.

Added value: Customer feels that they are having a good deal by buying three products in one. They will think they are saving money, when in fact they are buying more than what they were expecting to.

Boost sales: differentiate from competitors. Competitions on retail can be rough, there is a lot of similar products that are offered. Having a good marketing strategy in the store is necessary.

Amazing Drink Gift Pack to Seduce Customers From Schweppse

Amazing Drink Gift Pack to Seduce Customers From Schweppes


How we could improve this promotion

– If you’re having a custom drink gift set for your brand, we suggest improve the design of the packaging as this is very important. It will help with the the general look. A good packaging can make your item look more high end than what it is in reality. A pack more adapted to the form of your item, and smaller would look more attractive for clients.


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