Marketers have always love implementing an on pack promotion because not only is it effective but it is also easy to execute. Take a look at L’Oreal‘s current marketing scheme. The brand is offering an amazing giveaway for kids: branded tumbler.

Giveaway For Kids: L'Oreal Rewards Customers With An On Pack Gift

Giveaway For Kids: L’Oreal Rewards Customers With An On Pack Gift

Giveaway For Kids: Good Points of This On Pack Promo

  • Catchy – The whole pack effectively grabs the consumers’ attention when shopping. You can easily spot the bright colours and fun designs even from afar, especially when they are grouped together.
  • Great Branding and Design – We love the fun – looking font style and graphics on the bottles because it effectively targets the brand’s market — kids.
  • Useful Promo Gift – The tumbler is a good marketing giveaway because it is practical and useful especially for toddlers and school children. Kids may take them to school which broadens the marketing reach of the brand. If you’re looking for more tumbler designs, check out the link below.
  • Collaboration – Partnering with another successful brand is a good marketing strategy. Because this widens your product reach and may improve your sales. Definitely, the fans of the two brands (Disney and L’Oreal) will check out this on-pack promo item.

What Could Be Improved?

  • Better Packaging – It would be better if L’Oreal loses the ugly plastic covering because it looks messy. In fact, the plastic does not highlight the product and the marketing gift. It would be better if they use cardboard just like the sample below.
  • Use POS display – Another thing that is noticeable in this promotion is the lack of quality display. POS displays are extremely important when you want to highlight your brand. A good FSDU design is pretty handy when you are offering a new product or new promotion. Need new POS display inspiration? Check out the link below.

Overall, we need to know our target market first before using any promotional campaign. And, L’Oreal has successfully defined its target consumers which are kids. So, they’ve developed something that kids will love and use.

If you would like to create your own tumbler, please feel free to contact our team anytime. Our team of merchandisers and product designers are always ready to assist you.


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