Gift with purchase campaigns are an effective way to promote your brand. Check out this branded reusable tumbler. It’s important that you know who your target market is and what products are suitable for them. One good example is Fern-C Vitamins.

branded reusable tumbler

How Fern C’s Branded Reusable Tumbler Can Boost Brand Recall

Consumers will get a free branded reusable tumbler for every purchase of 30 tablets of Vitamin C. It’s available in supermarkets and pharmacies. Who doesn’t love freebies?

Did you know that giving away marketing freebies can have a positive impact on consumers’ buying decision. How?

branded reusable tumbler

How Fern C’s Branded Reusable Tumbler Can Boost Brand Recall

Ways a Branded Reusable Tumbler Helps Boost Brand Recall:

  • Communicates Brand Message: Taking Vitamin C and drinking plenty of water can help boost the immune system. Their branded reusable tumbler is a perfect way to encourage buyers to take their vitamins and drink lots of water.
  • Reusable: Consumers love giveaways that are practical. The tumbler is made from a sturdy material and is reusable so buyers can use them for years to come. Great for school, office, and home use, this tumbler can effectively help increase brand exposure.
  • Great Packaging: The packaging is visually appealing. The use of bright orange box makes the brand easy to spot. On top of that, the packaging has an opening that allows buyers to check out how the tumbler looks like. This helps stir curiosity and get people to try your product.
  • Customizable: The tumbler has Fern C printed across the center. The color of the font is orange and is set against white background, which makes the logo pop. Tumblers are highly customizable and can be made to suit your brand identity.

Branded tumblers are simple yet effective medium to increase brand visibility. Perfect for every day use, it makes a great promotional tool for your next gift with purchase campaign.

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Alternatives to branded reusable tumbler

Lots of companies are out there marketing vitamins.  Check out some alternaitive promotional products for inspiration and promotional product brainstorming..

Our Favourite Vitamin Marketing Campaign from Berocca.  Big shout out to marketing managers that are innovating and standing out from the crowd.