Eu Yan Sang recently advertised with a clever marketing campaign in the supermarkets of Singapore. Advertising with a gift with purchase is done by a lot of different brands with a lot of different products, but not all of them are as clever chosen as this one. The most people like the unknown and such a fortune pot allows the costumer to get surprised by the products inside and having a great new pot to cook them directly as well.

Gift with Purchase Fortune Pot by EuYan Sang in Singapore

Gift with Purchase Fortune Pot by EuYan Sang in Singapore

Such a promotion is daily used by such companies like Nestlé, Milka and Darlie and is gaining a lot of attention to the brand and products itself. Eu Yan Sang has realized this as well and is using this kind of marketing campaign to promote their products with a free Fortune Pot, if you are spending 128 Singapore Dollars on their products.

This advertising will definitely increase the sale and brand awareness from this brand during and after the campaign for a long term, as this pot can be used for other meals and food brands as well.

Why should you think about a Gift With Purchase?

  • Brand awareness. Promote with a promotional product, that can directly be used with your products is perfect, as this will spread the word around your brand. Reusing a cooking pot with different products will therefore still increases the brand awareness, thanks to a branding on top.
  • Additional Customers. A practical promotion will not only increase the brand awareness, but also attract current and potential costumers to preferr your brand instead of your competitors.

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