A world famous confectionery brand KitKat is currently offering a pleasant gift with purchase in multiple stores and supermarkets in Singapore: a nice London Travel Pouch, made in the combination of recognisable KitKat trademark style and national British red-blue-white colours.

This case can be called not a typical gift with purchase, but purchase in the gift! You can find 12 KitKat biscuits inside this small bag. Perfect present for the ones who loves travelling!

KitKat Gift With Purchase in Singapore - Travel Pouch

KitKat Gift With Purchase in Singapore – Travel Pouch

Delighting consumers all over the world, KitKat is one of the most popular chocolate treat brands, with its 150 bars consumed worldwide every second. Created in England in 1935, this chocolate-covered bar is now produced globally by Nestle, with the exception of the United States where it is made under license by the Hershey Company, Nestle’s competitor.

Reasons why your brand benefits from offering gift with purchase:

  • The most obvious and undoubtable reason is that free gifts help to boost sales by attracting more customers, as people are more likely to buy your products if they see the benefit from it.
  • A high-quality gift and eye-catching add provide competitive advantage for your product by distinguishing it from the other items on the shelves, therefore working as a tool for a brand differentiation.
  • Free gifts strengthen the customers’ loyalty, because when buyers get a present, they experience a positive impression from the purchase, and therefore, will associate their cheerful emotions with your brand. Thus, they will be more likely to repeat their purchase in the future.

As shown the benefits of a Free Gift with Purchase are profound and will ultimately help profits both in the short-term and more importantly in the long-run.

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