Usually placed in supermarkets, department stores or specialist stores, custom cardboard POS displays allow companies to present a large quantity of products or voluminous products while accompanying them with a visually eye-catching advertising. The combination of your outstanding theme and an original structure will significantly boost your sales!

Instore Marketing Ideas – Custom Cardboard POS Displays

Instore Marketing Ideas – Custom Cardboard POS Displays

Shelf displays are suitable for use in exhibitions, supermarkets, convenience stores, and monopoly shops. We can imagine that the cute smiling bear is a nice one to display kids promotions, or for companies operating in the chocolate industry, as the color of the bear matches with the color of chocolate.

Instore Marketing Ideas – Custom Cardboard POS Displays

Instore Marketing Ideas – Custom Cardboard POS Displays

What is especially great about this instore display above is the door shape that allows people to go through it and enter the world of the company. Additionally, our suppliers comply with the requirements of ISO9001 Quality Management System Standard. Hence, you will definitely like the quality of this POS display’s material.

Why do we like these custom cardboard POS displays?

  • Eye-catching. Today’s consumers are increasingly sensitive to the messages emitted by their brands and particularly through advertising POS displays, because these structures are very communicative, eye-catching and offer customers a real experience of purchase.
  • Brand awareness. Making your brand visible in places frequented by a massive flow of people will raise your brand awareness. Ultimately, this will increase customer loyalty as more people repeatedly pick your brand.

At ODM we have significant experience in product designsourcing, and manufacturing. Hence, we can help you with your marketing campaign effectively. Be sure to contact us to find out more information about POS displays or any other custom promotional product you would like for your brand.

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