What are POS Displays and why are these traditional marketing tools so effective? A Point of Sales Display is a visual marketing tactic that allows your brand to target your customers at the transactional point of purchase to encourage additional purchases, thus, increasing sales. POS Displays allow you to showcase your products and highlight unique details of your products. They can be made from various materials. And cardboard is a popular choice of material. One fine example of a branded cardboard POS Display is Laroche Posay’s stand at Guardian, which caught the eye of our staff in Singapore.

Cardboard POS Display

Branded Cardboard POS Display

What can we learn from La Roche Posay Branded Cardboard POS Displays?

Eye Level Marketing

Eye level is the most effective position in retail stores. A phrase “eye level means buy level”, indicating that products and displays placed at eye level are likely to sell better. According to studies, vertical shelves are divided by experts into 4 zones. The eye-level zone being the best selling for adults. Products receive 35% more attention than those at lower shelves, making this zone the most profitable for your products.

We can say the same for displays, La Roche Posay’s cardboard display immediately caught the eye of ODM staff. Having branded cardboard POS Displays marketing at eye level grabs the most attention from your target market.


Using Text to Entice

Another reason why we love branded cardboard POS displays is the space and freedom they give your brand to advertise. With a custom retail display, you have space to include texts that show your target audience the benefits of your products. This is something that shelf placements don’t give your brand the luxury to do. Just like La Roche Posay’s display, their text can automatically attract customers that have the issues the product can solve. Something “new” like the display shows is always something that piques customer’s curiosity as well.


Convince with Images

La Roche Posay advertises their product with a closeup of their model’s clear glass skin. Demonstrating how effective their product is in terms of skincare and tackling skin problems. Using images is a powerful advertising tool, showing your customers that the image is what your product can help them achieve.


Choice of Material

Cardboard makes great material for manufacturing POS Displays because of how cost-effective it is. The cost for manufacturing cardboard displays is fairly inexpensive. You have unlimited options when using cardboard for a custom POS display. Cardboard is a material that can be easily cut and shaped into different shapes like your brand mascot, or product. Not to mention, colours are endless! In addition, cardboard is strong, durable, and long-lasting.


Choice of Colours

The colours you use in a POS display is important as well. Good news is that the colours you use are easily customisable. La Roche Posay has done it right! Using the colours of the brand makes the cardboard POS display caught our attention straight away. This increases brand recognition with their target market.



Using a good location is important when using branded cardboard POS displays to market your brand and product. Placing them where it can help encourage impulse buys or where it can grab attention is important. It helps raise awareness for your brand and stops customers in their shopping tracks in curiosity to check out your product.


Why BrandedCardboard POS Displays are Important

Looking at the ways La Roche Posay has made their branded cardboard POS display a great marketing tool in stores, with the right strategies, this traditional visual display can be beneficial for your business too. Cardboard POS displays can help your brand stand out among competitors.

Done right, an innovative and well-designed custom POS display can do wonders for your brand to get in front of your target market. In addition, this can help you make the most out of your marketing budget. Designs, shapes, and texts are endless. So, why not jump into the bandwagon, and have a branded cardboard POS display in your next project!


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