Building A Modern Brand with Cardboard Countertop Displays

If you’re in a retail setting, you know how challenging it is to win your customers. Different brands are popping up in today’s market; each is certainly competing for customers’ attention with enticing prices, promising value, and often similar offers. And in order to stand out from the crowd, you must build a modern brand that will create a remarkable impression on the market. Luckily, one step to make it possible is to use cardboard countertop displays. But how exactly do you go about doing that? Let us show you how through this blog!

Cardboard Countertop Displays

Cardboard Countertop Displays


Modern Branding with Cardboard Countertop Displays

Custom countertop displays have been around for a long time in the retail space. They are one of the most effective marketing tools that can generate remarkable impressions to targeted audiences. Furthermore, countertop POS displays are ideal for small and large companies as they provide a perfect opportunity to roll out new products or specifically display special products to increase awareness.

While the spotlight is often given to powerful brands and a number of consumers only buy from certain well-established names, the modern brand is evolving in the ever-changing marketplace. Consequently, it is affecting how businesses are utilizing it and building their brand identity these days.

So, how can you leverage these cardboard countertop displays to build a modern brand?


Create A Killer Strategy

Whether you’re planning to introduce new custom promotional products or focus on lesser-known products, it is important to strategize and select the right merchandise to include in your countertop display. The level of success that you will achieve with your countertop display ultimately depends on the merchandise that you place in them. You would like to get this opportunity to showcase your products through an elevated marketing strategy that your audiences will not miss.

Cardboard Countertop Displays

Cardboard Countertop Displays


Exhibit Creativity

Choosing this type of POS display unit is an excellent chance to exhibit brand creativity. As a commonly used retail shelf display, cardboard countertop displays offer a wider space for brand positioning and exploration. With the high-quality and customizable cardboard material, the possibilities are endless. You can define and communicate the overall theme of your marketing campaign directly by incorporating your brand’s logo, name, and other key elements into these displays.

Cardboard Countertop Displays

Cardboard Countertop Displays


We have previously done counter pos display for our year of the dog socks. Find out how we made our CNY counter display appealing to the crowd.


Make It Interactive

Interactions are important when it comes to retail marketing. Aside from making your cardboard countertop displays enticing, how can you make them engaging? How can you ensure continuous and nurturing communication between your brand and your customers? Integrating promotional Quick Response (QR) codes are one way to make your countertop promotions more appealing and interactive to your target audiences. Let them enjoy an exclusive promotional offer, find more information about your brand, or connect with you through your social media accounts by scanning a QR code from your countertop display.

Cardboard Countertop Displays

Cardboard Countertop Displays


If you’re wondering more about quick response codes and how you can utilize their promising features, you can check out this blog we have prepared for you.

Promote Sustainability

To embrace modern branding is to live up with sustainable pledges that will benefit your business and customers. It is one of the marketing traits that consumers are looking for brands they would like to do business with. Utilizing promotional cardboard displays will be a significant step that you can take toward sustainability and remain top of mind of the market. Earn their trust and be their go-to brand by promoting sustainability in every aspect of your marketing plan.

Cardboard Countertop Displays

Cardboard Countertop Displays


Bringing it All Together,

Apparently, building a modern brand is a challenging and demanding task for businesses. Yet, it will be worth the while as you see the wonderful upshot of your team’s hard work in executing an effective marketing plan. Using these cardboard countertop displays is just one of the surefire ways to build your brand in this changing marketplace. It is a high-utilized marketing tool that retailers can display in a space that holds paramount importance for the business.

If you are interested in sourcing new marketing POS displays, get in touch with our team. Don’t forget to quote the product codes mentioned above when sending us your email of inquiry. The ODM Group offers customization and in-depth design modification for your brand to make them suitable for your marketing campaign. There are a lot of customization options available, and we can include your brand’s name, logo, or message on each item. We will always be more than happy to assist you with all things promotional!


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