Pathway to success: Using Countertop POS displays effectively

In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at how Countertop POS displays can be used in an effective manner. Our team found these cool counter displays in an electronics store in Hong Kong showcasing a massage gun by Theragun, an essence pen by EEFit, and Dr. Rock Mini Massage tool by Zikko.

Countertop POS display

Translation of the Countertop POS displays: Effective at soothing muscle pain. Boost your self-healing ability and say goodbye to any muscle pains! Try me!

Countertop POS displays analysis:

1. Essence pen by EEFit

Firstly, the POS display for the essence pen helps to sway customers into buying the product with their persuasive messages on the board. The POS display essentially state that their product is effective at soothing muscle pain. Boost your self-healing ability and tells the customers that they can say goodbye to any muscle pains!

They also give customers the option to try the product for themselves which will definitely help to clarify any doubts that customers might have about the product.

Secondly, it has very eye-catching imagery that relates to the product’s use and benefits it can provide to the customers which is sure to help boost customer retention.

Lastly, it has a LED screen to showcase the product in a real-life scenario. This is an effective way of using a POS display as it reveals all the important information that customers might need within a hand’s reach.


2. Massage gun by Theragun

Although the countertop POS displays that encase the massage gun are rather straightforward and simple as compared to the one used by the Essence pen by EEFit, it delivers a very clear message to potential customers about the benefits and the type of people that would require such a product. Through the imagery on their POS display where they showcase model athletes using the product on certain muscle groups, they are telling potential customers that this product is best suited for people who exercise often.

We also love the acrylic displays where the Theragun massagers sit. They were made from acrylic and each of them is branded. This way, customers can tell the difference between each model: Liv, G3, and G3Pro.

Countertop POS display


3. Dr. Rock by Zikko

The counter display used for Dr. Rock mini massager is a simple platform with the brand printed on the base. Although simple, it did not fail to fail to convey their message as the features of the product are also printed on the display.

Countertop POS Displays

Countertop POS Displays

Aside from the display, we also love the sleek and simple design of the carry case. It looks high-end and gift-ready. Their brand placement is on point, too. The branded leather tag, and the zippers with embossed logos not only added appeal to the carry case.


Benefits of POS displays:

  1. Attract Customers. Countertop POS displays play an important role in attracting customers and improving sales. A custom POP display in stores is often placed at or near the products being promoted. In this case, the product displays are very eye-catching and show how the items are used and the benefits they provide to potential customers.
  2. Entice impulse buys. Shoppers often add products to their cart that they did not intend to buy in the first place. This is where Countertop POS displays make a huge difference in sales volume. A well-placed point of sale display acts as a clever ad and is more likely to have an effect for the customer to buy that product right then and there.
  3. A cheaper method of marketing. Countertop POS displays are a great way to market your brand. Think of Countertop POS displays as a magazine or billboard advertisements, minus the costs. It is essentially a mini advertisement meant for customers on the spot. In the long run, implementing counter displays to market your product will not only allow your product to stand out but to help boost impulse buys as well. All of this is especially important in the overfilled electronics market. Lastly, always remember that a well-planned and well-thought-out marketing campaign will always improve your brand’s performance!


Ways to Augment Countertop POS Displays

1. Using gift-with-purchase to boost sales

In general, gift with purchase helps to boost sales as studies show that positive emotions toward a brand or seller have a great influence on decisions to buy and consumer loyalty. Creating a reward system triggers an emotional response in the buyer. In addition, your gift-with-purchase item is an opportunity to help boost your brand image by printing your business logo onto the item. More importantly, displaying the GWP item alongside the main selling product will motivate customers to make the purchase right away.

Here is a blog where we go more in-depth about how to make the best GWP for the travel retail industry:


2. Using high-end products as giveaways

For the items stated above, we also feel that they would make a great promotional giveaway. We have posted about massage guns and massage pillow before and their benefits not only for the body but for businesses as well. They would be perfect for sports and wellness initiatives. Be sure to check this blog out:

As a giveaway, customers would need to buy a certain amount as the product itself are expensive and you would want to ensure that your profit margin is not reduced as a result of this giveaway. They can also be offered as a contest reward or redemption gift idea.

Here is a blog where we go more in-depth about the benefits that marketing gift items can bring for your business:

How can ODM help your business?

At ODM, we specialize in manufacturing custom Promotional Products. We have over 15 years of experience in the marketing industry and have worked with major clients such as Coca Cola, Sapporo, BBC, and Konami. Do feel free to contact us if you are interested in one of our products or services.

Additionally, we have a sister company, Mindsparkz, that specializes in all things design. We offer web, graphic, and product design, as well as product brainstorming sessions and a retainer program.


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Frequently asked questions:

What is a POS display?

A point-of-sale display is a specialized form of sales promotion that is found near, on, or next to a checkout counter. They are intended to draw the customers' attention to products, which may be new products, or on special offer.

How can giveaways benefit my business?

The normal method of advertising is through commercials, newspaper ads, billboard ads, social media ads, etc. A big problem with marketing your product/service through such means is that they are not very memorable and are often overlooked. On the other hand, if the product giveaway is paired with the right product and branding, it will leave a lasting impression on consumers, whether or not they have participated in it, as items given for free are more unforgettable.

What type of items should I use as a gift-with purchase?

We recommend that you use products that are relatively cheap and complements your product well. However, the most important part is using a product that is within your budget so that it does not reduce your revenue.

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