In running a restaurant business, the ever-present question is: How do I increase business and encourage patrons to come back? Well, first and foremostly, your food has to be tasty! Secondly, marketing. Marketing is a key factor in spreading word of your business and increasing brand awareness. Thus, today we bring you a restaurant marketing idea by Shi Li Fang Hot Pot, giving away plush toys to every table of customers who dine with them.

What we love about this restaurant marketing idea is how unique it is. Think about it. You get to leave the restaurant with a full belly and a free plush toy! Wouldn’t you like to experience it? Thus, below we share with you 5 reasons to use promotional plush toys as a marketing strategy.

1. Branding

Giving away free plush toys as a marketing gift is a brilliant way of allowing your brand to stand out in the competitive restaurant industry. Rarely do businesses put entire rows of plush toys on display to be given out for free. This restaurant marketing idea has certainly worked exceeding well in Singapore, despite the countless other hot pot brands available. Grab anyone on the streets and ask them “What’s special about Shi Li Fang?”, I guarantee you that their first words will be “Free toys”. Now, isn’t that something!

2. Creating Happiness

Plush toys. Soft, fluffy, comforting plush toys. They remind you of happy experiences. And what better way is there to associate the warm, pleasant feelings you get from eating hot pot, than to give customers something equivalent to bring home? Whenever customers see the plush toy they brought home, they will be able to relive the memories of dining at the restaurant and feel compelled to return.

3. Suitable For All Ages

Plush toys are suitable gifts to people of all ages. They are fun for children, and loved by adults. Posing little physical dangers, plush toys are popular toy choices for parents with young children and are trendy among youths who frequently gift them to their friends. The plush toys will also keep customers entertained at their table while waiting for the staff. So really, we are absolutely in awe of this genius restaurant marketing idea.

4. Wide Variety and Customizable

Plush toys also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Hence, there will always be a plush toy that appeals to customers. Furthermore, you can customize the plush toys by printing the brand name onto the toys to emphasize your brand and improve brand remembrance. This will also help to spread brand awareness and aid branding.

5. Incentive to return

Shi Li Fang incentivizes their customers to return through the collection of stamps, given based on how much the customer spends. More stamps will allow customers to redeem bigger plush toys. As the stamps can be accumulated, this is a perfect example of how this brand took advantage of the wide variety of plush toys available and turned it into another marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways

In this day and age, it is difficult to stand out in a competitive industry. The food and beverage industry especially has experienced a large bloom of startups. To maintain competitiveness, businesses have to look for creative new restaurant marketing ideas that will differentiate them from others. Having in-store redemption gifts will undoubted draw attention and boost business.

How ODM can help

Here at ODM, we have an experienced team who can assist you with your marketing needs. Specializing in sourcing and manufacturing, we can help you design and source high-quality and effective custom promotional merchandise. In addition, we offer other services such as quality control, factory auditing, and shipping to ensure the quality and standard of the end products are top-notch.

Last but not least, should you be at a loss of ideas,  our design team, Mindsparkz, provides product brainstorming sessions to help you find the perfect product for you. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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Does it not cost more to manufacture gifts and give them away for free?

Yes it does, but the business it attracts will make up for it. Not to mention the increased brand awareness, so why not give this restaurant marketing idea a try?

Where can I order custom plush toys from?

Here at ODM, we will be able to help you source and manufacture the custom plush toys you need. Contact us to find out more!

I am worried about poor workmanship of the plush toys.

Don't worry. ODM regularly conducts factory visits to ensure the safety and quality of the plush toys produced.