Custom menu boards play an important role in the success of your restaurants, bars, and cafes. Well-designed signages will keep your customer’s attention focused on your products and current promotions. And since they are located at check out counters, they are effective in encouraging customers to avail add-ons.

Burger King Conquers Their Marketing Plan With Custom Menu Boards

Burger King Conquers Their Marketing Plan With Custom Menu Boards

Burger King‘s custom menu boards are a good example. Because the moment you enter a Burger King store, their product advertising starts. These adverts effectively catch customers’ attention; directing them to the newest promotions of the store. The menu boards highlighted their special promotions and are located at the counter. Due to their effective brand positioning, customers might consider to avail their new products or make additional orders.


Factors to Consider when Designing Custom Menu Boards

This advertising tool is paramount to the success of a restaurant or bar because the display will be the first thing customers will look at. So to leave a good impression on your customers, high quality counter pos displays are a must.

  • Brand Message: Make them informative and visually appealing. Make your message sweet and concise. Use the right fonts, font size and colors. Product designers all agree that the font and colors you use can affect your brand message. And this brings us to our next point.
  • Overall Design: When it comes to marketing food warmer colors are ideal because they stimulate the appetite. And if you take a closer look at Burger King’s custom pop display, you’ll notice that the predominant colors are yellow and orange. Don’t the meal look delicious to you?
Burger King Conquers Their Marketing Plan With Custom Menu Boards

Burger King Conquers Their Marketing Plan With Custom Menu Boards

  • Materials: Burger King used sintra menu boards for their promotions. This sintra board is a type of PVC board that is lightweight and has low gloss matte finish. Most of the major fast-food chains, local restaurants, and pubs use this kind of material for their menus because they are sturdier as compared to cardboard and prints look high quality.

Aside from sintra, another most common material for menus is acrylic. Check out a sample from Heineken below.

3 Reason To Use These Custom Menu Boards For Your Brands

  • Brand Visibility – First of all, custom menu boards are the first thing that customers see inside your store. So, if you’ve got a new store promotion or customer incentive to offer this makes your product stand out. Therefore, the better the design, the easier for consumers to spot your products.
  • Attract Customers – As mentioned, this signage catches customers’ attention because sintra boards are great for high-definition printing. Therefore, the lively colours and realistic graphics make it more eye-catching. Then, with the help of other promotional materials, customers will have a chance to check out your products which leads to sales and profitability.
  • Cost – Effective – Not all brands are capable of bringing in the big guns for advertising. Fortunately, using these custom menu boards save brands from spending too much from their marketing budget because manufacturing this type of branded counter display is relatively inexpensive. Alternatively, brands could use wood for a more classic and sturdier look. Check out this awesome menu stand from The Social.


There are many high-tech advertising tools nowadays, and custom menu boards may be considered old school. However, these advertising tools are still effective in promoting your brand and disseminating information. You only have to be creative in your designs and marketing approach.

So if you would like to create your own custom menu board, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is always ready to help you out. Our POS display designers are here to create stunning branded retail displays to help you grow your business.


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