We spotted this custom table menu stand at a fast-food chain in the Philippines. What caught my attention is the functionality of the simple display. Lightweight and pretty sturdy, this type of table menu stand is perfect for small-scale businesses that are looking for affordable, yet long-lasting bar and restaurant advertising tools.

Custom Table Menu Stand

Custom Table Menu Stand

Menus come in various sizes and shapes. There are standalone menu stand that measures as high as 4ft, book-style holder, and table menu. Table menu stands not only serve as a decorative piece. As a point of sale display, it aims to create a personalized call-to-action for every customer.

In this example, you will see that the poster can be changed easily. This way, store managers are able to replace the advert whenever they have something new to promote- a new menu, contests, add-ons, and even discounts! Although it served its purpose effectively, this one is not branded or customized to reflect the company.

Custom Table Menu Stand

Custom Table Menu Stand

It is important to ensure that your menu stands are attractive enough to make your customers order more. Thin

But what makes a good promotional menu display? In this blog, we will give you some tips and examples on designing your custom table menu stand.


6 Design Tips and Examples of Menu Stands to Spice Up Venue Marketing

1.Consider Additional Functionality

Running out of battery juice and not finding any power outlet to charge your phone can be very frustrating. Thank God, restaurant menus with charging ports and wifi are invented. Take a look at this example:

Advertising Menu Power Bank

Advertising Menu Power Bank

This advertising menu power bank has 4 USB ports, an acrylic display with changeable posters, and a calling system. The power bank outlet is on the base of the advertising menu. This POS display would make a perfect display on tables, bars, and reception desks. Customers will certainly love the additional functionality of a power bank. They may even recommend your restaurant to other people.


2. Make it Simple and Customizable

Chalkboards make a great menu display at bars and restaurants. They are an inexpensive way to custom design your menu every day. They come in various sizes and shapes. Some are designed for outdoor advertising like these examples below:


3. Cater to Your Customers’ Needs

With the recent COVID 19 situation, it is really important to be proactive when it comes to protecting our customers and our employees. This sanitizer display kiosk is just exactly what business owners need to make their shops up and running again. It is a LED screen with built-in hand sanitizer.

What we like about this hand sanitizer display kiosk is that it allows you to change the content on-demand. Aside from public service announcements, you can also display the menu on the screen. This signage kiosk is also a hand sanitizer dispenser, providing your customers protection against COVID 19.


4. Make it Fun and Attractive

You want your display stand to catch the attention of customers from the moment they step into your shop. Use vibrant photos to stimulate their appetite. Attractive displays are hard to ignore and many people make decisions based on the presentation and appearance of the products being sold. Here is another idea for your custom table menu stand. The below example is a digital signage in the shape of a blackboard. Why not make a smaller version of this for tables and bars? It is vibrant and is easily customizable. You can save your menu here and let customers swipe the screen to see their options.


5. Promote your best-sellers

In this example, Heineken is offering a custom beer glass as part of their Oktoberfest promo. To be eligible for the said gift, customers need to buy a snack platter with beer. The mechanics are clear and the design is really catchy. By using the tabletop signage to promote free gifts, customers are encouraged to buy the featured menu.


6. Use High-Quality Materials

Chances are, you will be using your table menu stand for many years. As such, you also need to factor in the material you will be using for your tabletop menu display. The kind of material you use for your display can immensely improve how your brand is perceived. Here is a cool example:



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We love custom-designed menu stands that are not only beautiful but functional as well. We hope that these tips and examples will inspire you to level up your game.

Here at ODM, we work hard to deliver effective POS display designs to our clients. We have vast experience in designing different marketing tools for different industries. If you have a design idea in mind, do not hesitate to send us an email. Our design team, Mindsparkz, is here to provide high-quality product designs. Contact us today!


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