When it comes to outdoor advertising ideas, flags, banners and tents are among marketing managers’ favorite promotional tools. Flexibility, durability, and cost-efficiency are the reasons they are used for in-store marketing and outdoor promotions.

This collection of flags, banners, and was found at the Canton Fair. We have spotted outdoor displays for sports brands, automobiles, and drinks.

Outdoor Advertising Ideas

Outdoor Advertising Ideas

Here, we have a wide variety of flags, banners, and tents for different brands such as Bentley, Pepsi, Corona, Carlsberg, Adidas, and McDonalds.

Here are some outdoor marketing displays we found at the trade fair.

Feather Banners – They are a fantastic promotional option since they are customizable and durable. They work great no matter the weather condition. They also come in various sizes depending on your branding requirements. In this example, Corona Beer bottle stands out against the white background.

Branded Advertising Ideas

Branded Advertising Ideas

Teardrop Flags – Perfect for outdoor events such as music fests, sporting events, charity events, and car shows. Using them in your business and trade show will gain you massive attention at a low cost.

Rectangle Flags – These rectangle flag for Mcdonalds, Pikachu, and Imax are easily recognizable across the room, making them ideal for large venues and marketing movies.

Custom Shape Banners – We certainly love this custom shaped outdoor advertising idea for Carlsberg. It comes in a peculiar shape that resembles a drinking glass. Because all sides are branded, people coming from all sides will be able to notice the brand.

Tents – Get your brand out there with branded tents! Not only do they provide shade for your customers and staff during trade shows or car exhibits.

National Flags – Great for promoting patriotism, these flags are certainly ideal for school, local government offices, and celebrating national holidays.


What Makes this Outdoor Advertising Ideas Work?

  • Cost-Effective – Budget is an important consideration when planning your marketing campaign. You want to make sure that your promotional products are worth every penny spent. Promotional flags and banners definitely cost less than TV ads and billboards. Thus outdoor marketing ideas are an effective way to raise awareness of your company or advocacy at a low cost.
Outdoor Advertising Ideas

Outdoor Advertising Ideas

  • Easy to Install – There is no need to use special equipment to install these banners and tents. The ease of set-up saves marketing managers time which allows them to focus on more important marketing tasks. This is why they are ideal for trade show marketing and pop up shops.
Outdoor Advertising Ideas

Outdoor Advertising Ideas

  • Flexibility – We often see teardrop flags at sports and charity events. Placing them on the streets allow business owners and organizers to reach many people at once.
  • Practical – What we like about teardrop flags and banner stands is that you can change the flags without changing the hardware components. Therefore, marketing managers are able to save more.
Outdoor Advertising Ideas

Outdoor Advertising Ideas

  • Transportable –  Unlike other POS displays, these outdoor advertising ideas can be transported to any location with ease.
  • Durable – Nylon, vinyl, and polyester mesh are usually the material of choice for these outdoor displays because they are durable and can can withstand the rain, harsh sunlight, and strong winds.

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If you are looking for attractive and effective outdoor advertising ideas, then inflatables may be what you need. Unlike flags and banners, these inflatables add interesting texture and visual appeal because they are like massive 3D replica of the real object.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for a outdoor display?

It is a great promotion strategy to attract customers to a certain product. It is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and visibility and to push for more promotions.

Is having an outdoor display expensive?

The cost of a display varies, depending on the kind of material it is made or if there are any special features to it.

How can I make my outdoor display more appealing?

It can be of bright and appealing colours. It is great to make the logo distinct to create more brand awareness. You can also involve a theme to make it more interesting.