Advertising can be both challenging and exciting for marketing managers. It needs good planning and preparation before launching a campaign. There are a lot of promotional and marketing strategies that you might find fit for your brand. This includes the ever-reliable outdoor banner stand.

An outdoor banner stand campaign is pretty straightforward. It functions as your brand’s outdoor advertising tool. This serves as a great tool to showcase your latest promotions, deals, anniversary promos, etc.

Brand Promotion: How an Outdoor Banner Stand could increase your sales

Brand Promotion: How an Outdoor Banner Stand could increase your sales

Outdoor Banner Stand

An outdoor banner stand is almost weatherproof. It could withstand strong winds, heavy rains, harsh sunlight, and other extreme weather conditions. Because outdoor banner stands are made from durable materials like steel, PVC, etc.  We highly recommend using this effective marketing tool for optimal brand exposure.

There are two main types of an outdoor banner stand that may be fit to the needs of your campaign. The banners are usually single or double-sided. In Shell’s case, they are using the single banner stand.

Why do we love outdoor banner stands?

  • Customisable – As mentioned, there are different styles of banner stands. Usually, these stands have metal frames and sturdy bases. Also, the design differs and depends on your brand’s style or theme. But if you would like to have creative outdoor displays, check out Mad Cow’s head-turning display.
  • Cost-effective – The quality of the materials that make up a good outdoor banner display is really important. Since these outdoor displays are made from durable materials, this means that brands don’t need to change displays frequently. Hence, saving a lot from the brand’s marketing budget.
  • Brand Promotion – These things are highly visible even from a distance. Certainly, a good number of consumers will see your latest promotion or offer. And this will eventually drive traffic to your establishment or brand. It could effectively work alongside widely-used promotional strategies such as promo gift, gift with purchase, etc.

Overall, companies should try promoting their brands through outdoor banner displays. It sure packs a lot of potential for something that doesn’t need too much maintenance.

If this interests you, please contact the ODM team anytime. The ODM team can assist you with any marketing and manufacturing questions.

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