Look at what we found when we were walking around Saigon City, trying to find a spot for lunch. We were already seeing an increase in shops installing hand sanitizer dispensers at their storefronts. Extra creativity points for this restaurant for using cable ties to attach their hand sanitizer bottles onto their entrance door. This is not surprising to see, considering how a lot of the shops around our area are saving on expenses because of this crisis. Nonetheless, we support every business out there, big or small – in their pursuit to combat this pandemic. Continue reading if you are interested to know more about Custom Sanitizer Dispenser Stands.


In ODM, we always encourage clients and businesses to go the extra mile. Keep your customers sanitized, but also make them satisfied! When your customers are dining in your restaurant, they are not only paying to dine, they’re paying for a great experience. So lose those cable ties, and impress your customers with a Custom Sanitizer Dispenser Stand.

Foam Dispensers

custom sanitizer dispenser stand

Custom Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Custom Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Custom Sanitizer Dispenser Stand


These Foam Dispensers are aesthetic, cost-effective and time-saving. The casings are equipped with sensors that will dispense the foam when a hand is detected. Therefore, customers will be less likely to dispense sanitizers excessively. The casings are readily attached to a wall. That way, you would not have to re-attach a new bottle of sanitizer every time you need a refill. Simply unlock the casing to replenish it.


Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

custom sanitizer dispenser stand

Custom Sanitizer Dispenser Stand


This goes hand in hand with the foam dispensers. Instead of attaching it to a wall/door, a stand will be much more useful. This will make your hand sanitizers much more portable. Therefore, you can keep it inside the store after working hours and also gives you the freedom to place it anywhere if you are thinking of re-furnishing the store.

Moreover, these stands also can make a great way to include a sign! The example from the picture is spot on – “STOP : the spread of germs”.

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