Zespri launched its campaign “Feel alive on-the-go” by hanging store signage in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. An effective traditional marketing tool that allows to increase sales and improve the consumers’ engagement.


Hanging store signage

How this promotion could connect to consumers and boost sales?

Whereas we are living in a digital fast-paced environment driven by digital advertising board, visual displays remains one of the first traditional marketing tool employed by brands. It is very important for brands to use effective in-store display to maintain a great number of sales since the online retail is growing very fast. As a matter of fact, visual signage hanging in stores allows to create a community, gain more visibility and improves the corporate image. This type of advertising produce an enormous impact on consumers behavior as they are more attracted by the product if the display is colorful and well-designed. In other other words consumers are more tempted to buy a product displayed. The key objective of this technique is to encourage consumers to purchase directly the product.


Why is it appealing?

Eye-catchy displays allow companies to target more consumers as a desire drives them to buy the product when they see it. Indeed, the visual is the most powerful human sense as it attracts immediately the consumer and it creates a stimulus. The hanging store signage must present a compelling story to the audience. However, those ads have to be well-positioned in the store to catch properly the eyes of the consumers. It is also extremely important to be details-oriented when producing the display as POD display designer do; for example, adding dimension and height is a good way to create visual appeal. Producing an effective display requires to identify properly the campaign’s goal and bear in mind the targeted customer in mind.

Furthermore, recent studies have shown that 82% of the purchasing decisions are made on the spot. At that point, ad signage as well as POS displays play a significant role in the consumer‘s purchasing journey. 

Benefits of hanging store signage

– Hanging store signage will undoubtedly boost purchase while using the marketing budget efficiently,

– This is actually an efficient method to target the proper consumer,

– It allows consumers to quickly visualize where the product is. Then, it increases the likelihood that they will buy the product and don’t pay attention to competitors,

– It allows also to present promotion sales or a special offer more effectively,

– It improves the brand awareness.

Finally, hanging in-store displays remain the most efficient method to expand a business. In other words, it represents a great way to stand out by improving the consumer’s buying experience.

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