Matua did a great job promoting their products through their eye-catching custom-designed cart. Spotted at Sutera Harbour Resort in Malaysia, the powder blue branded cart made quite a nice impression on us. A branded wine bottle cooler sits on the mobile bar. We also noticed a wine bottle holder and an easel display to advertise the product. These wine marketing ideas truly made the whole display interesting and eye-catching.

Wine Marketing Ideas

Wine Marketing Ideas

Customers have so many choices now. E-commerce has even made it possible for people to purchase products in the comfort of their home. Trend changes. However, Matua’s crafty wine marketing in Malaysia proved that choosing the right marketing approach is everything.


Here’s Why We Love their Wine Marketing Ideas:

  • Brand Color – Matua has decided to use their brand color for their custom branded cart. It is a smart move because this will help them reinforce their brand image. Furthermore, it is a relaxing color, much like their wine.


  • Brand Positioning – Everything from the easel display to the cart, to the bottle cooler, is branded. You can see that the canopy and the body of the pushcart bear their brand name. The bottle coolers are also customized to reflect their brand image. There’s Matua printed at the center, further making their brand visible to people dropping by.
Wine Marketing Ideas

Wine Marketing Ideas


  • Movable – We have seen so many beautifully-designed cart POS displays before but only to be disappointed with the fake wheels. However, Matua’s wheels are not just for display. They are movable! This means the cart can be wheeled anywhere around the vicinity. What makes this an absolutely smart move is that merchandisers can wheel them towards a place with more traffic. In essence it allows them to bring the products closer to the customers. No need to wait for them to come to them.


  • Beautiful Signboard Display – Signboard stands are one of the best point of purchase displays for outdoor marketing. Portability is its main selling point. They come in all sizes and shapes at a low cost. This signboard display will surely save the company a big chunk of their marketing budget because they only need to change the poster to make them suitable for promotions and special occasions.
Wine Marketing Ideas

Wine Marketing Ideas


Why These Wine Marketing Ideas Work?

Branded Cart

First of all, the use of a custom branded cart as POS display is an ingenious idea. Pushcarts provide unlimited branding opportunities. They ca be as simple or as elaborate as your imagination allows.  Matua’s POS display also serves as a portable bar, allowing customers to take a sip of their fine-tasting wine while basking in the beauty of the place.


Wine Cooler

Wine Marketing Ideas

Wine Marketing Ideas

Wine coolers are an essential bar marketing tool. They help maintain bottles of wine at ideal temperature for consumption. As a promotional product, they not only keep the products in good quality, but they also help expose the brand to many people. Branded coolers are ideal for parties and outdoor marketing like in Matua’s case.


Signboard Display

An easel display is a budget-friendly way to stand out. They are portable and really easy to customize. Furthermore, they are quite sturdy, making them ideal for outdoor promotions. Placing them along busy sections of the store or street gives brands unlimited exposure.


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