No travelling needed – check out this custom designed cart created by Santa Teresa 1796. We love this South American themed display because it represents their Venezuelan family run business.

Custom Designed Cart

Custom Designed Cart



This innovative POS display immediately catches the attention of customers, inviting them in for a taste of Venezuela. A custom designed POS display ensures your product will stand out from the rest and be memorable to customers.

What makes this custom designed cart a good promotional product?

Custom Designed Cart

Custom Designed Cart

Colours – The bright colours in this custom designed cart give a South American ambience. They cleverly work together to create the Venezuelan flag. This will immediately attract customers who are keen for an authentic cultural drinking experience. The yellow stripe highlights the logo of the company here for increased promotion of their product. Check out another great example – this custom candy cart incorporates a great colour scheme.


Design – The wheel gives this custom designed cart some character compared to a simple serving bar. Here the customers can picture themselves buying a drink in Venezuela! Innovative touches like these instantly increase the personality of the product which appeals to customers. Also see this unique marketing POS display for more great design ideas!

Flexibility – The large wooden top leaves plenty of space for finishing touches without being too crowded. The easy access tray of bottles is immediately presented to customers once they have finished tasting. So if there is any hesitation, they are right there! Need more space? Take a look at this impressive wooden cart display for more inspiration.

Overall, this custom designed cart has a number of brilliant features which will draw customers in and stick in their minds. However, we are not sure how easily movable it is. Take a look at this promotional cart by Jim Beam which could be taken to several different selling locations. This is an effective marketing strategy to reach more customers!

How we can help

Our experienced product designers can ensure that the unique character of your product is able to come out through a POS display. Send us a query now!


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