All kind of companies focuses on profitable advertising benefits for business. Companies need customers to remember their product. As a result, they come back for it. Custom point of sale display helps. Good branding displays are essential. It offers great opportunity for salesmen to make their customers remember the product and improve sales. This branded wooden cart display used by M & Ms to promote their products is a fine example of point of sale marketing.

Branded Wooden Cart Display

Branded Wooden Cart Display

We certainly love this branded wooden cart display advertisement campaign of M&Ms. This cart is filled with their product and custom promotional gifts. Here’s why we find this marketing tactic effective:


Why We Love M & M’s Branded Wooden Cart Display

Materials: This trolley display is made out of wood with branding on the side. It lends a rustic vibe to the whole setup but it also complemented the colors of the packaging. The colors really pop! The whole POS display is hard to miss as the happy colors are very much appealing.

Floor Decals: We can say that M&Ms product merchandising is on point. To complete the rustic look they are aiming for, they used floor decal with bricks design. It added depth and texture to their confectionery display. There were also custom M&M stickers on the floor to further improve their visibility.

Custom Promotional Gifts: It could be hard to stand out in a hypercompetitive market and get enough sales. That is why M&Ms is offering custom chocolate funnel dispensers as promotional gift. This makes storing and serving chocolates fun. Customers will love the fun factor the gift provides, thus they will be encouraged to make a purchase before they leave the shop.

M&Ms display is definitely effective but what could be improved? We are not sure if the wheels are working. But if you are considering having a branded wooden cart display for your shop, opt for one that can be wheeled anywhere in the shop. The mobility of the display allows for flexible brand positioning. Furthermore, this means merchandisers can wheel them out for outdoor advertising.

Branded Wooden Cart Display

Branded Wooden Cart Display

In What Ways Custom Branded Wooden Cart Display Benefits?

Brand visibility.

Custom wooden trolley display really catch the eye! Key point of the effective POS branding display advertising for business is its customizing. Unique shapes, LEDs, bright colours. Custom POS display stand is made as you need. The size of display depends on stores capabilities and products you are going to showcase, however appropriate graphics can make it visible enough to grab the customers attention.

Competitive Edge.

As a result of having  custom POS display in a store you are not sharing display space with your competitors. It is a huge advantage to be independent. It stands you out from the crowd and have the entire place dedicated for your own benefit. By having all the customer’s attention they will see only your product from other competitors. It significantly increases sales.

 Branded Wooden Cart Display

Branded Wooden Cart Display


Custom trolley display is an opportunity to advertise your product. It does not only mean stores. Such displays also can be placed at  party or snack aisle. People are willing to buy things before awaiting celebrations, for instance. Good placement of your stand in a store is near the counter. People are often making last-minute shopping while waiting in a queue. Here’s a great example of a cart-inspired merchandise display:


Custom POS display advertising can be made as simple or as elaborate as your marketing budget allows. Therefore, the costs are lower than other advertisements but equally effective. A well-designed display will explain you more than a salesperson.

More Examples of Cart and Trolley Displays:

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Custom POS display advertising increases the perceived value of your product. As a result, without risking large amounts of money you can increase advertising benefits for business. If you are interested in boosting your sales with various point of sales or custom branded products, do not hesitate to contact us. The ODM Group will customise your POS branding display as you ask. Contact ODM now!


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