Customers appreciate portability nowadays. In fact, the lighter your gadget is, the better. So, in the light of this trend, Uniqlo is offering a promo foldable water bottle to their customers. The brand is known for its basic and minimalist fashion theme. And quite frankly, this promotional water bottle somewhat relates to the brand’s overall taste.

Promo Foldable Bottle

Promo Foldable Bottle: Why This Promo Gift Works


The foldable water bottle has become more and more popular recently. This is an innovative product as it conserves space, unlike a normal water bottle. When the bottle is empty, this water bottle can be flattened to fit your pocket or bag. Also, this promotional foldable water bottle is pretty convenient to carry as many of these foldable bottle have reliable carabiner attached so that customers can fasten them to their bags.


Why Promo Foldable Bottle?

  • Portable – Perhaps, this is the strongest point of this marketing gift. Since, it flattens out when not in use, a lot of customers would be interested in this promotional water bottle. Just print your logo, like what Uniqlo did, and you’ll surely enjoy massive exposure wherever your customers use them.
  • Branding Potential – Branded drinking bottles offer huge branding potential. Nowadays, people engage in various outdoor activities. Hence a water bottle with your brand on it could come in handy. These would also be ideal for beverage promotions and sponsorships. Sports teams and drinks companies could collaborate for a customized bottle which they can give awawy during tournaments.
  • Eco -Friendly – Reusable water bottles could help companies to minimize the need to purchase bottled water. customers can just refill them with water or juice when needed. If you want something that customers can use for hot drinks, a metal flask would be great. Promotional reusable bottles may help you gain positive brand image. It informs people of your stand on an important environmental issue, leaving a positive impression on your brand.
  • Cost – Effective – What’s good about this promotional giveaway is the production costs. This item is affordable to produce which is beneficial to your total marketing budget. As a result, brands could customise and create a lot of these items for giveaway. In Uniqlo’s case, they’ve produced several colours to this easily becomes a collectible promo. But, if you’re looking for another portable water bottle design, feel free to check out the link below.


Overall, using this item can definitely have a positive impact to your brand. Customers would love to get a hold of this giveaway because it’s interesting and sustainable. So, if you’d like to create your own promotional foldable water bottle, contact the ODM team now.


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