With the year coming to an end, this means one thing: The holiday season is fast approaching! The holiday season serves as a perfect place where your company can use its leftover marketing budgets that are left from the year’s marketing budget.

There are numerous different ways that your company can spend any leftover marketing budget. These include:

  • Christmas marketing: One great way to spend any leftover marketing budget would be to create some Christmas-related marketing promotions. During the Christmas season, demand will inevitably increase for Christmas gifts, and your company can take advantage of this to roll out some Christmas promotions.
  • Improving social media and branding: Another great way to spend leftover marketing budget would be on improving your social media presence. In today’s day and age, having a strong social media presence is vital in the success of one’s business, as many people nowadays have at least one social media account. Using any leftover marketing budget to improve your social media and branding is always a smart choice, as this means that your online presence would significantly improve.
  • Rewarding staff: One of the best ways to make the most of your leftover marketing budget would be on rewarding your staff. And this can have positive impact on the company. For instance, rewarding staff can help to boost their morale,nurture their creativity, and encourage them to stay loyal with the company. Seeing their efforts are being acknowledged, this would help foster a healthy work attitude. Why not get them some branded corporate gift or award to show how much you appreciate them? Investing in high-quality corporate souvenirs that are custom made for the company will definitely boost their confidence and loyalty!

When it comes to Christmas marketing, there are several examples of Christmas promotions that your company can use, including:

Cool Christmas-themed calendars!

Interesting Christmas POS displays are a bigger ticket item, but really give your product so much impact in-store!

Christmas promotional products for wine or other drinks.   Dress up your products and talk to us about product design!

Interested in having these Christmas promotional products for your establishment? Feel free to send us an inquiry!

Why not invest in high quality promotional products get more out of your leftover marketing budget? With companies hosting year-end parties left and right, why not gift employees and clients with exciting souvenirs, which they can use all year round?

A wooden cube calendar would certainly be a perfect year-end marketing purchase! As a wooden promotional product, it is certainly classy and suitable as a corporate gift  for clients and employees! Furthermore, you will also be able to keep track of the flow of time while hustling at work!

Another way to spend any leftover marketing budgets would be on cost-effective in-pack promo items! When used correctly, these promotions can help to attract customers at minimal costs for your company!

Here are some examples of how companies have effectively made use of their marketing budgets to raise themselves to a new level!

Here’s Buckley London with an effective use of their marketing budget for Christmas!

Emojinal uses its marketing budget effectively through in-store merchandising. Certainly effective for companies with small budgets!

Is your company ready to end the year with a bang? Contact ODM to get started with your dream project. We’ll help you get the most out of your leftover marketing budget!

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