One way to maximise your in-store presence is to use a merchandise packaging that is easy to spot and presents the product effectively. Palmolive’s custom cardboard packaging is a good move as it’s cost-effective, easy to customise, and lightweight. Furthermore, cardboard is eco-friendly as it can be recycled.

Palmolive Stands Out with Simple and Practical Merchandise Packaging

Palmolive Stands Out with Simple and Practical Merchandise Packaging

What Makes This Merchandise Packaging Practical?

  • Economical to Produce – Compared with metal or more bespoke packaging solutions, this is a cheaper option for shelf advertising. This is because is cardboard is very easy to source and customise.
  • Customisable – Aside from its economical value, we love how this packaging allows marketers to design the cardboard package based on their branding needs. A beautifully customized pack attracts more clients and customers. Since it is paper, product designers could easily print their logo or brand name on the pack. This helps the brand stand out easily. Take a look at some of our promotional product packaging for wine, food, biscuits, retail merchandise in our blog.

Why Do We Like Palmolive’s Merchandise Packaging?

  • Brand Promotion – Offering customers something complimentary enhances customer experience and loyalty. But it’s also important that customers see what you are offering. In this case, Palmolive did a pretty good job with the packaging. If you want something more high-end, check out this great packaging from Maclean’s
  • Design Appeal – This cardboard design perfectly complements the products. Unlike closed packaging wherein customers had to guess what’s inside, the cut exposes what’s really inside the promotional pack. Indeed, this helps customers decide whether or not they should make the purchase.

Overall, this merchandise packaging from Palmolive is effective and practical in so many ways. The color scheme helped boost the shampoo variant they are promoting. Moreover, the free item included in the package gives customers more reasons to make an additional purchase. It also effectively promotes the products whilst saving a lot of marketing budget.

An effective packaging design with exciting and meaningful designs can tremendously help increase your market reach. As such, having a reliable gift box factory and merchandisers will help you grow your brand in so many ways. Why not speak with the ODM team, so we can get started with your project?

If you want to create high quality product packaging for your business, please contact The ODM Group. Our Mindsparkz team will help create high quality and meaningful designs for packaging and other promotional items.


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