Finding your bag too heavy because of the number of things in it? Well, this 2-in-1 customizable power bank with mirror will help you save space! Not only is it a power bank, it is also a custom pocket mirror. Users do not have to bring two separate items catering to different purposes now!

More importantly, this product makes a fantastic promotional item for cosmetics marketing campaigns. With so many colors and designs to choose from, there is a power bank with mirror for just about everyone.

Customizable Power Bank with Mirror

Customizable Power Bank with Mirror

The promo power bank comes in 3 colours – white, pink and red. This gives users more options to choose from, appealing to a wider customer base. For those who prefer minimalistic design, they can go for the white option. While pink will reach out to those who likes a feminine touch to things and the daring ones will go for red.

Customizable Power Bank with Mirror

Customizable Power Bank with Mirror

Why Receivers Will Adore This Promotional Customizable Power Bank With Mirror?

  • LED Light Feature – In dark places, this LED light feature will definitely shine through and prove to be useful. Now, users can have a clearer and sharper image to view at. Hence, this enhances the overall perceived value of the product.
  • Branding Opportunity – such custom power banks have many opportunities for branding. Check out our blog about various printing methods to find out which technique suits the product best. More can be focused on the type of aesthetics to showcase brand image and personality to consumers. Furthermore, with the ability to customize the product, brands can be more competitive. Hence, this not only improves brand recall but also increase exposure.
  • High Utility Value – In the 21st century, power banks are an essential item to own. And with more caring for their appearance, a promotional mirror can be found in many people’s makeup pouches. Therefore, the demand for this item will certainly be reflected in the high sales.

Other Impressive Promotional Ideas

  • Customized Menu Power Banks – Offering charging station ports engages consumers attention. Moreover, by providing better service, it induces reciprocity thereby boosting customer loyalty.
  • Purse Portable Bank – This product already has a portable charger implemented within the purse. This premium gift is suitable for clients or even for an employee appreciation item. Users can definitely carry this purse during events or functions without worrying if they brought out their power banks!

Overall, rewarding customers for their continuous patronage and support towards the brand will certainly retain better customer faithfulness. At ODM, we have vast experience in product designing, custom retail packaging design and manufacturing high-quality promotional products and POS display units.

We can schedule product brainstorming session to come up with ideas for your next marketing campaign that will definitely see success. With our dedicated team of product designers at Mindsparkz, we can also provide you with satisfactory design services. Send us an inquiry with product code 2396 today!


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