Great for cosmetic and beauty marketing, a promotional mirror with LED lighting will surely get your customers talking about your brand. Pocket mirrors with LED light function are gaining popularity nowadays because it is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

promotional mirror

promotional mirror

Promotional LED Lighted Mirror Features:

  • Compact: Ultra compact, slim, and light design makes it easy to pack in purse, school bags or slip into pants side pocket. Great addition to girl’s cosmetic pouch and men’s toiletry kit.
  • Simple to Operate: One touch, and the pocket mirror lights up. This makes it easy for girls to retouch their makeup during night outs. Now you can have your lighted vanity mirror wherever you go.
  • Safe to Use: Worried that the light might harm your vision? Worry no more! The stepless dimming feature allows user to adjust the brightness to suit their needs. Simply tap the mirror to achieve desired brightness. Memory function means it will return to the same brightness it was on the last time you used it.
  • Efficient: Battery life lasts 5-10 hours and charging time only takes one hour. Perfect for busy office workers and students.

This mirror with LED light function is designed for the modern men and women who always want to look their best. Indeed, a useful addition to their grooming kit!

But this new mirror is more than just a grooming item. You can also use them as promotional gifts because they are versatile.

Promotional Mirror with LED Lights: An Ideal Promo Gift

  • Innovative Design Attracts Buyers: Unconventional design arouses people’s curiosity. Thus, it makes the brand more appealing and desirable. Pretty design not only appeals to women and girls, but to guys as well.
  • Extremely Useful: Say goodbye to oily face and messy hair. Customers can now check their appearance anytime, even with dim lighting, with this pocket-size promotional mirror with LED lights. The uniqueness and versatility of the product will definitely pull in customers!
  • Versatile: It’s ideal for promoting cosmetic products, fashion brands, and even tech gadgets. You can also give it away as company gifts or trade fair freebies. The possibilities are endless.
  • Branding: Print your logo on the cover and, presto, now you have a very pretty promotional product! It’s that easy! Sublimation printing process will give your promotional mirror vivid and noticeable designs. You can also laser engrave patterns to ensure long lasting prints.

If you love this promotional mirror with LED light function as a corporate giveaway or gift with purchase, feel free to contact ODM. Send code 1937 to get quote for this awesome product!

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