Are you a big fan of multi-functional devices? If you are,  you should take a look at this 3-in-1 mirror power bank!

Functions of the 3-in-1 mirror power bank

This ultra-slim power bank model is compatible with any smart phone and charges up to 10 hours per day. The light weight and minimally designed power bank is ideal for travelers to carry around. In addition, the power bank has a front cover that works as a phone holder. This will be useful when you need to make a  video call and your phone is running out of battery. You can charge your phone while using the front cover to hold it in a hands-free position.  In my opinion, the mirror embedded inside the cover is the main selling point of this power bank. For beauty junkies who carry multiple beauty products  around, the 3-in-1 mirror power bank will help you in cutting down the clutter of your bag!

Mirror Power Banks for Brand Marketing

Mirror Power Banks for Brand Marketing


Why do mirror power banks work so well for brand marketing?

The mirror power bank is ideal for brand marketing because you can utilize the large and flat surface area for branding. The visibility of your company logo will increase brand exposure and improve brand awareness. In addition, you can choose different colors to be printed on the cover to match your companies identity. Additional designs can be printed on the device to make it look even more fashionable! By offering this unique power bank as a gift with purchase, you can entice current and potential customers into purchasing your products. Power banks are a practical gift as most people own a smartphone, what more when it comes with a built in mirror and phone holder. No doubt this offer will drive sales for your marketing campaign!

Mirror Power Bank

Mirror Power Bank

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