This purchase with purchase (PWP) promotional campaign was spotted in a Cathay Pacific magazine. Although the campaign itself is being run by the Australian jewelry company, Toscow. The jewelry promotion features an ’18k gold and diamond pearl pendant’. Purchasing the pearl pendant allows consumers to purchase a shaped ‘crystal pendant’ for HK$ 100, reduced from its original price of HK$ 489.

Jewelry Promotion: Purchase with Purchase

Jewelry Promotion: Purchase with Purchase

What are the benefits of running a jewelry promotion?

Purchase with purchase campaigns excel in one area, adding incentive. Offering a significantly reduced price for a high-end product, is a guaranteed method to add incentive for consumers to purchase. This incentive will lead to an increase in impulse purchases from customers who want the discounted product.

Jewelry has always been seen as a high-end product. So if it’s provided as a promotional gift, you can be certain that your customers are going to feel valued. This will lead to an increase in repeat purchases, and make it more likely that customers will recommend your products to others. As a high-end product, it will allow you justifiably charge more than competitors, due to the perceived value.

Another benefit of using jewelry as a promotional product, is that it’s not limited to PWP campaigns. It will work just as well in a GWP campaign or even for a giveaway.

Despite the fact it’s a high-end gift, and has a high perceived value, this promotional campaign can still be run on a tight budget. This can be achieved through the use of different materials, such a wood, which will vary depending on your budget. Regardless of whether cheaper materials are used, it can still maintain its high-end look.

Jewelry is relatively easy to customize and brand, be it the shape, color, materials or size. As jewelry is often worn in public, if branded correctly, it will be a great method to increase brand awareness. While also ensuring that potential customers associate your brand with quality products. There’s another aspect that can be customized, which is the packaging. If packaged in a high-end gift box it can help to increase the perceived value even further.

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