Caring Pharmacy  in Malaysia is opening a new outlet in Taman Megah, Selangor . They are organizing various events as part of their store openings marketing strategy. Shoppers can get their hands on free items and samples by participating in their interactive Spin & Win activity, or they can simply drop into the store!

The interactive ‘Spin & Win’ game requires customers to make a minimum purchase of RM50 for a free spin. From the spin, they stand a chance of winning various gifts such as a pill box, recyclable bags, Tupperware, toothbrush holders and a mystery gift. We shall analyze Caring ‘s campaign and look into the benefits of using marketing products, as part of your campaign.

Marketing Gifts for Store Opening, Caring Pharmacy

Marketing Gifts for Store Opening, Caring Pharmacy

How can marketing products help to win over customers?

Offering gifts to shoppers during special promotional events, such as a store opening will draw customers to your doorstep. You want to lure them in with free samples and gifts, to get them into your store. Once they have set foot into your store, your staff can provide an excellent retail experience and pharmacy services to potential customers. This ensures they will come back for the great service and products. With free samples or GWP promotions, shoppers feel they are getting a better deal in comparison to a discount. This will make you stand out from competing brands!

Marketing Gifts for Store Opening, Caring Pharmacy

Marketing Gifts for Store Opening, Caring Pharmacy

Besides, you can take this opportunity to run a variety of different promotions at the same time.  In Caring’s example, the store is offering free samples on soya bean milk, healthy bread and also giving away B.Duck merchandise. These are all products that they carry in-store, which makes it a great opportunity to promote them. When customers get to try the samples for free, this may entice them into making a purchase.

Another aspect to Caring’s campaign is the mystery gift and goodies bag. The mysteriousness will encourage consumers to spend more as they will want to win the unknown gift. Especially if they assume the mystery gift is a higher-end product, or something that exceeds their purchase value. If you have a large budget, you can consider offering premium gifts for your customers. With that, you can create a buzz where shoppers will spread the event through word-of-mouth. I’m sure they want their friends and family to participate and get some freebies.

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