Ever wondered which is the best way to attract customers on your opening day? No worries! Laneige has cleverly made use of in store marketing by offering some gifts for its opening special! With every purchase of S$150 and above, you will get to receive a limited edition BBC cushion as well as a 5 piece gift set. For purchases of S$200 and above, you will get a complimentary limited edition travel bag along with an additional 2 piece gift set that is worth S$40.This promotion is available at Suntec City Singapore from 21st June to 30th June. So what are you waiting for? Hurry down to the Suntec City outlet now and these exclusive gifts will be all yours!

Laneige Celebrates Opening Special with In Store Marketing!

Laneige Celebrates Opening Special with In Store Marketing!

Laneige is a skin care company that is based in Korea and was founded in 1994.It targets women in their 20s and their products aim to create skin that is renewed and reborn every day. Laneige has since then grown to be well-loved by many and the company owns at least 13 branches worldwide.

Why make use of promo gifts in this in store marketing?

Everybody loves promo gifts, especially since they are complimentary. By offering these gifts as an opening special, customers would instantly be drawn to the store. Once the brand has successfully attracted the attention of these customers, they will be one step closer to gaining sales.

By branding these promo gifts, it would also help to increase brand awareness and brand recognition for the company. Whenever one uses the BBC cushion in the office or carries the travel bag around, others would be able to see the brand name and come to know about it. Those who have never heard of the brand name before would be encouraged to purchase from the brand in order to receive these promotional items.

Over time, brand loyalty will be fostered and consumers would tend to choose Laneige over other skin care brands. This allows them to have a competitive advantage over others and gain a stronger foothold in the company. In turn, this would help to increase sales for the company over the long run.

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