In store marketing is common for new stores that are looking to organise opening promotions. In Singapore’s newest shopping mall, Jem, many stores are offering in store marketing for their opening promotions. NBC is no exception. With a minimum purchase of only S$20, customers can receive a San-X Sumikko Gurashi Handkerchief. This is valid while stocks last so hurry down to NBC at Jem today!

New Store Opening Promotion - In Store Marketing by NBC

New Store Opening Promotion – In Store Marketing by NBC

NBC was founded in as a postcard company in 1963. This Japanese brand first launches its products in Singapore in 1983 as an in-store stationery corner at a Japanese bookshop, Kinokuniya. NBC now has 7 outlets in Singapore. They provide a range of fancy stationery, gifts, craft materials and lifestyle products imported straight from Japan.

Why do brands offer in store marketing?

In store marketing helps brands to stand out from their competitors. It helps to attract passersby to enter your store and purchase your products. Especially for those in a competitive industry, it is good to have an outstanding in store marketing plan so as to beat the competition.

Why did NBC offer a handkerchief as a marketing gift?

We always think that it is best for the promo gift to be related to the brand and its products. It seems like a handkerchief has no relation to stationery. So why did NBC use a handkerchief as their in store marketing plan? Although it seemingly has no relation to stationery, the handkerchief is from another famous Japanese brand. Using this as a promo gift helps reminds customers that NBC is a Japanese brand. Japanese brands are well known for their good quality and customers who need good quality stationery will patronise NBC more.

Also, a handkerchief would help to contribute to the green movement. Encouraging the use of handkerchiefs would help to minimise the use of tissues. This helps to save the trees from being cut down as there is less of a need for tissues. As global warming becomes hot topic these days, everyone is always in support of the greener option.